1kW Solar Panel Installation in Kodakara, Thrissur (Kerala)

Thrissur is one of the District in Kerala. It is connected with Cochin & Calicut city. The distance of Thrissur from Cochin is approx. 30 to 50 km.


Thrissur has one of the largest forests where many elephants are living. Similar to another district of Kerala, Thrissur is also green & clean city. This district has connected 20 villages. The distance of every village is approx. 5 km. Here, 90% people are non-vegetarian and one person is working in UAE countries, such as Quawat, Dubai, Saudi Arbia, Oman, etc.


thrissur in kerala

Every market opens at 9:00 am and closed at 9:30 pm. Here, people are using self-transports, such as small cars, scotty, bike, etc. The private transport is also available. His fare is approx. 15 to 25 per kilo meter. Most of areas situated at Hills areas and small markets fulfill all requirements. A new person finds any product and service through online, such as nearby hotels, nearby shops, nearby medical store, nearby restaurants, whatever they want to find. That’s why almost every business is listed on Google My Business as well as localized platforms such as Indiamart, Justdail, TradeIndia, Shulekha, etc.

Need of Solar Power System in Thrissur, Kerala

Now-a-days, most of solar panel is installing in remote areas compare than city areas. The same scenario is here also. But, here is different scenario. People are self-reliable on natural resource. Home owners want to run all home appliances such as Home Water Pump, Induction Machine, Mixer & Juicer, Fans, Lights, TV, Cooler, and Air Conditioner on solar power system. Even, they are running here.

Here are few Thrissur customers feedback:


मेरे घर में पानी का मोटर, पंखा, लाइट, टीवी सोलर सिस्टम पर चलता है. मेरे पास 1500VA का इन्वर्टर, 150Ah के दो बैटरी पहले से था. KSEB का मार्च, अप्रैल और मई महीने में ज्यादा बिजली आता है. तो मैंने सोचा कि क्यों न सोलर पैनल और चार्ज कंट्रोलर लगा कर बिजली का बिल कम किया जाएँ. और मैंने अपने एरिया के सोलर एक्सपर्ट की मदद लिया. उन होने मेरे घर पर लूम सोलर का मोनो पर्क सोलर पैनल और mppt सोलर चार्ज कंट्रोलर लगाकर पुराने इन्वर्टर बैटरी को सोलर पर कर दिया. अब मेरे घर में सब कुछ सोलर सिस्टम पर चलता है और मेरे यहाँ KSEB का बिल मात्र 500 रूपया आता है.




Maximum Connected Load: 2100W


Capacity of Battery: 2 X 150AH Solar C10 Battery


Maximum Capacity of MPPT: 90V ,60A, 1560W


Maximum Solar Panel Capacity: 1500W (Loom Solar 4 X 375W Mono Perc Panels)


Capacity of connected Panels: 1125 W (Loom Solar 3 X 375W Mono Perc Panels)


Grid Power: Grid Connectivity is not required to run the system, but there is a facility to charge from Grid line, which can be selected manually.


Air Conditioner: We Couldn’t connect Air conditioner to this system


What is the Equipment can work in this system: Lights, Fans, TV, Mixer grinder, Fridge, Washing Machine. 0.5HP Water Pump


Maximum space required to install the Solar Panels: 100 SQ. FT.


Total Expense for the Whole System Including Installation: Rs. 1,25,000.000 (For Flat roof)


Solar Panels - 25 Years (10+15)

Solar PCU - 2 Years

Solar Battery - 5 Years


If you are from India, but working in International Countries as like Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or any countries. You can find solar products and solution from our website: Loom Solar.com & Our Authorized Partner: Unique National Engineering in Thrishur district of Kerala.

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