5KVA Off Grid Solar System Installation in Thrissur, Kerala

Thrissur is one of famous city of Kerala, India. The distance of Thrissur from Kochi Airport is 40KM by road. The government rules of this city are disciplined. Normal markets open at 9 AM and close at 8 PM maximum. KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board) is power distribution company that distributes an electricity every corner of Kerala location.


Need of Solar System: People believes to independent source of power. That is why they are using solar power system on their roof.

How to select this solar system?

Mr. Joselin Antony is working in abroad and he founded solar solutions through Internet. When he came in India, he again contacted Loom Solar Partners in Thrissur district. Mr. Sreejith visited customer home location and given the following solution.


Solar System Brief:


Inverter: 5 KVA 48V Solar PCU


Battery:  4 Nos of 150AH Exide Solar Batteries


Panel: 6 Nos of 375W Loom Solar Mono Perc panels


Mounting Structure: Tin Shade Structure


Installation Process: Installed by Unique National Energy, Loom Solar Distributor in Thrissur


What Appliances running on this system? He has installed this solar system for power and running home loads, such as fans, tv, water pump, etc.


5KVA Off Grid Solar System Installation in Thrissur, Video



The person who belongs from Kerala but they are staying out of Kerala, such as Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, USA, etc. they can find solar solution from there as well on www.loomsolar.com. They can find also your nearest our partners from here.  




2.5 inverter price



2.5 kvs solar panels lowest price



2.5 kvs solar panels lowest price

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