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Planning on buying solar panels that suits your needs? Choose from a wide selection of Poly Crystalline and Mono Crystalline Solar Panels from Loom Solar, Luminous, and Microtek brands at

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What is Mono Crystalline and Poly Crystalline Solar Panels

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There are multiple brands of solar panels in market, but Loom SolarLuminous, and Microtek solar panels are available at Loom Solar Store.

Top Pics in Solar Panels

best selling solar panels in india

We have top selling solar panels at our store, such as


  1. Loom Solar Panel 50 watt - 12 volt Mono Crystalline
  2. Loom Solar Panel 125 watt - 12 volt Mono Crystalline
  3. Loom Solar Panel 180 watt / 12 volt Mono Crystalline
  4. Loom Solar Panel 375 watt - 24 volt Mono Crystalline

I want to Install Solar Panel for Home, What can I Do?

Loom is the India’s premium solar brand store, you can contact with us by call, email, WhatsApp, chat, etc.

Why Buy Solar Panels from Loom Solar

What are the Use of Solar Panels?

There are three main purpose to buy solar panel for 1-3 BHK home, Agriculture, Industrial & commercial Use, such as:


  1. If electricity bill is coming maximum, then you want to reduce electricity bill is Zero.
  2. If electricity is not available in your home, or maximum power cut or to generate electricity bill 24*7, and
  3. Investment, in case you are looking to grow your money, it is better to do investment in solar, Bank FD @ 6%, Share market investment – 15%, in solar, the ROI period is 5 years, i.e. you get money back in 5 years, and for next 20 years, electricity is free.

Is Battery is Required for Storage in this Solar System?

There are two types of solar system, such as:

On Grid Solar System for AC & Off Grid Solar Solar System for Home

On Grid Solar System: On grid solar system is one of the solar system that is directly connected with power grid. In on grid solar system, there is two components, solar panels and solar inverter. It is used only in day time. You can run AC, Water Pump, Printer, Computers, Fans, Lights, Bulbs, and more appliances in day time. If you planning to install on grid solar system for home, office & shop, then you can our view our on grid solar system collection at our store. 


Off Grid Solar System: It is another type of solar system for power backup storage. This solar system is for those location where electricity is not available or there is high power cut problems. In this system, it is combination of Solar Panels, Solar Battery & Solar Inveter. Off grid solar system is the most required in remote area or villages and you can run whole home appliances, such as Lights, Fans, TV, Refrigerator, Mobile Charging, Desktop/Laptop, and more. To know about off grid solar system price, installation, warranty, and more in India, visit our off grid solar system store at Loom Solar.      

How Much Cost of Solar Panels?

The price of solar panels can be vary in the Indian solar market. On our platform, we offering  range from ₹ 25 - ₹ 75 per watt. The price of small watt solar panel is maximum and the price of maximum watt solar panel is lower.

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Solar Panels Under ₹5,000 (2020)

Si. No. Solar Panel Solar Panel Price (in ₹ )
1 Loom Solar Panel 10 watt - 12 volt for Mobile Charging ₹ 750
2 Loom Solar Panel 20 watt - 12 volt for Small Battery Charging ₹ 1,300
3 Loom solar panel 40 watt 12 volt poly crystalline ₹ 1,900
4 Loom Solar Panel 50 watt - 12 volt Mono Crystalline ₹ 2,400
5 Loom Solar Panel 75 watt - 12 volt Mono Crystalline ₹ 4,000

Solar Panels Between ₹5,000 - 10,000 (2020)

Si. No. Solar Panel  Solar Panel Price (in ₹ )
1 Luminous Solar Panel 100 Watt - 12 Volt ₹  5,200
2 Loom Solar Panel 125 watt - 12 volt Mono Crystalline ₹  6,000
3 Loom Solar Panel 160 watt - 12 volt Multi Crystalline ₹  7,000
4 Loom Solar Panel 180 watt / 12 volt Mono Crystalline ₹  8,500

Solar Panels Between ₹10,000 - 30,000 (2020)

Si. No. Solar Panel  Solar Panel Price (in ₹ )
1 Loom Solar Panel 125 watt - 12 volt Mono Crystalline (Pack of 2) ₹ 10,500
2 Loom solar panel 330 watt - 24 volt multi crystalline ₹ 11,500
3 Loom solar panel 160 watt - 12 volt multi crystalline (Pack of 2) ₹ 12,000
4 Loom Solar Panel 375 watt - 24 volt Mono Crystalline ₹ 13,000
5 Loom Solar Panel 180 watt / 12 volt Mono Crystalline (Pack of 2) ₹ 15,000
6 Loom Solar Panel 375 watt - 24 volt Mono Crystalline (Pack of 2) ₹ 24,000

What will I do for Solar System Service?

We offer 5 years replacement warranty, within 5 years, any thing will damage respected brands can replace.


There are two types of service, such as 


  1. If you buy from our store, you can call on our Toll Free Number: 8750 77 88 00
  2. If you buy on Luminous brand, you can call on Luminous Toll free Number, within 24 hours, engineer will reach near you.

What are the Solar System Life / Warranty?

  1. Solar Inverters – 25 years
  2. Solar Panels – 25 years
  3. Solar Batteries – 5 years, but it’s life will up to 10 years.

Is Subsidy Available on Solar System?

There is no subsidy available on solar products in India. To get more subsidy information, you can get from here


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