How Much do Solar Panel Price for Small Business like School?

What is the Need of Solar Panel for School?

Running a school on the local grid supply costs high electricity bills per month. Installation of solar panels has proven a smart move to reduce dependency on the local grid supply (with carbon footprints). A solar system can generate electricity as long as they get sunlight. Every school is scheduled for daytime only. That's a good combination of requirements and supply. This reason may justify the "Why do schools need solar energy?"

Which Solar Panel is Best for School?

Solar panel have two types one is monocrystalline solar panel, and another is bifacial solar panel. Both has own pros and cons but if you consider the solar panel for business purpose then the bifacial solar panel is the optimal choice for that because it is 20% to 25% more efficient than the monocrystalline solar panel and it can generate electricity from both the sides of the solar panel that’s why it’s also a cost effective and space efficient means it gives you more electricity in a limited rooftop space and budget. Solar professionals also recommended the “bifacial solar panel” is the great choice for business that’s why it is one the prominent choice for your school.

Benefits of Solar Panel for School Business

Cost Saving- Solar panel helps you to reduce school’s electricity bill up to 80% which gives you long term financial savings.
Increased Property value- Solar panels also gives a boost in price of your school’s property. These days people refer and invest in those property which gives some value to them for a longer time span.

Environmental Benefits- With the installation of solar panel for business purpose like on your school’s property you can directly gives a support to the environment with the clean energy and reduce carbon footprint.

Energy Independence- Solar panels make you a totally energy independent as you can use electricity or energy as per your requirements and you don’t have to rely on the local DISCOM electricity.

Educational Opportunities- With the solar panel you can create so much opportunity in your school with the solar energy like teachers can educate the children to the bad impact on the environment for this they n teach to opt solar energy or renewable energy for brighter future for next generation.

How Much do Solar Panel Price for School?

The solar panel price is depended on some criteria like the type of solar panel, technology, brand etc. To choose the best solar panel in competitive price is a tough task. The starting price range of solar panel for business is Rs. 20,000 and go up higher.

Which Appliances Can Run On Solar Panel?

It’s depending on the size of your solar system but for example, with a 5 KW solar system you can easily run a 3o to 40 lights and 25 to 30 fans as well as some small appliances like computers. With a 5-kilo watt solar system you can run up to a 4000 watts load. If you use an off grid solar system in which battery includes then you have also generated a power backup for an emergency times.

Can I Install Solar Panel for Business On EMI?

Yes, you can easily install the solar panel for business on EMI or loan options. Many companies offering the easy installation to business owners as solar loan. You can pay money in easy monthly EMI form to afford the solar system for business.


Solar panel for business is a smart choice to save huge amount of money on electricity bills. With the help of EMI options solar panel price don’t affect too much on pocket. So, considering the solar panel for business is a great choice for long time investment.

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