A Comprehensive Guide to the 10 Kw on Grid Solar System

What is On Grid Solar System?

On-grid solar systems, also known as grid-tied solar systems, are solar power systems connected to the utility grid. These systems generate electricity from solar panels during sunshine and feed any excess power back into the grid. This remaining energy is then credited to the consumer's account to reduce their electricity bill. On-grid solar systems are a good choice for consumers, who want to reduce their electricity bills.

Benefits of On Grid Solar System

  • Low- Expense and require minimal maintenance.
  • This system does not require batteries to store excess power. 
  • Additionally, on-grid solar systems are more efficient than off-grid systems due to not having to convert DC power to AC power.

Note: This solar system is only suggested to consumers who have minimum power cuts or a regular power supply by the Local-Grid.

Calculation of Sanctioned load

To calculate the sanctioned load. Firstly, need to know the maximum amount of power supplied to the facility. The Factors that can affect the result -

The size of the building, the number of electrical appliances and equipment, and the anticipated usage patterns. With an electricity bill printed by the electrical service department, you can predict the sanctioned load of your facility.

How much Install area required for a 10 kW on-grid Solar System?

Installation Area: area of solar panel * Nos. of Panels = 7.47ft * 3.72ft * 18 = 27.78 SQ. Ft * 18 (required)

For installing the 10 KW solar system the "Net Metering" approval from the local electricity department is required. 


10 kw solar system has a great no. of ROI one can recover their investment in generally 4 to 5 years (depends on the usage and consumption of your power). The price of the 10kW solar system is Rs. 60,000/KW.

Components Required for 10 KW solar System.

Solar panel- SHARK 545W half-cut * 18 *

Solar Inverter- FUSION 10 kW, 3 phase X 1

Panel stand- GIA panel stand for 14 panels.

DC wire and AC wire- 4 sq. mm & 16 sq. mm | 6 sq. mm. 4 core wire.

DCDB & ACDB- 2-in-2-out DCDB| 10-12kW supports.

Earthing Kit-1 meter LA and Earthing rode-3

NET Meter 10kW


Need to hire a licensed and professional solar installer to complete the installation process. It is important to ensure that the installation is done safely and in compliance with local regulations.

Loan service

For a solar loan approval, you need to pay 20 to 30 % of the product (total cost) and need to have a good civil score. EMI depends on the Period of repayment and the amount to be paid. For 10 KW solar system your monthly approx. EMI would be Rs. 11,249. To know more about monthly Emi, visit these links - https://loan.loomsolar.com/

Electricity Generation Capacity

During sunshine (9 am to 5 pm), It can generate approx. 50 units of energy every day and is capable of over 10 kW maximum load. According to that it will generate between 15000 to 20000 units every year.


Before solar system installation, consult with a solar installer or professional for a more accurate assessment of individual circumstances. In which we will suggest you a engineer visit for accurate information about solar systems, products, and budgeting etc.


It is best suited for customers, who get over 10,000 Rs. monthly electricity bills. 10 kW solar systems are eligible to run multiple air conditioners along with some other heavy-wattage home appliances at a time. This solar system can save up to 10,000/month, resulting in Zero electricity bills.

Approval for net metering may take a few weeks or even a few months. But investments in the solar system are far better than investing in mutual funds due to some epic benefits like no and minimum maintenance required and a high warranty (over 25 years) offers a more secure future in the long run than mutual funds.

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