15kW Solar Panel Installation in Pashchim Champaran, Bihar

West Champaran, Bihar: West Champaran is the largest district in the state of Bihar. This district shares a fluid border with Nepal. It is famous for its two wildlife sanctuaries namely, Valmiki National Park and Udaypur Wildlife Sanctuary. Many notable people hail from this district. The main source of the economy of this district is agriculture. Farmers cultivate paddy, sugarcane, and cane reeds in this region.

Why Solar Panel is installed in West Champaran?

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The flour mill owner of Ganesh Atta Chakki mill and Mahesh Chura mill, Puni bagh baswariya, Bettiah of West Champaran wants a solar power system to run his flour mill as he was struggling with a high- electricity bill and the huge cost of diesel. Thus, he installed a Solar Power Plant to run his 1 HP and 3 HP flour mill daily for 6 hours.  He installed the Loom Solar monocrystalline solar panels for his flour mill and ran the home appliances.

Which Solar system is installed?

The main purpose of this Solar system is to run the flour mill on regular basis, even in cloudy rainy, or windy weather. They have installed 34 monocrystalline solar panels to run the flour mill and 6 monocrystalline solar panels to run the home appliances. Monocrystalline solar panels of Loom Solar work efficiently even during low-light weather. The mill owner has 2 AC motors, 10HP and 3 HP. These 3 Phase motors are used to run flour mill and flattened rice mill during the day hours which is from 10 AM to 5 PM. During this time, the mill and home appliances run completely on the solar panel's electricity. Loom Solar has provided a 15kW VFD Solution for the mill owner. The major components of this solar power system include 34 mono-crystalline solar panels of 390 KW each, 10 HP motor of 3 phase, 20 HP VFD, and so on.

Benefits of Installing Solar System

The mill owner has done an investment of Rs. 6 lakh on the solar panels and will get the following benefits with his solar system, such as:

#1. Per Day Benefit – generation of electricity using solar energy and earning a profit of Rs. 1000 per day

#2. Return on Investment - 15% Return Every Year

#3. Reduce CO2 Emission - Save 8.5 tons of CO2 emissions per year and that's equivalent to 130 Trees Plantation.

How is a Solar Panel installed?

These monocrystalline solar panels are installed under the guidance of an experienced solar engineer, Satya Prakash Sharma, and his experienced team. He works on this project from customer requirements to solar solution, product delivery, and installation.


If you are willing to install a solar inverter with a solar panel and battery at your residence or for commercial use, you can use Loom Solar and its local retail shops in your area. Faridabad, Haryana-based solar panel company Loom Solar is the most trusted solar solution provider that provides 10 watts to 440W solar panels, 75 Watt-hour to 5000 Watt-Hours, Best Quality Panel Stand, DC Wire, etc. Find more information, www.loomsolar.com.


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Sandeep Gupta

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Sarfaraj Ahmed Khan

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