360Watt Off-Grid Solar Power Installation in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu

Villupuram, Tamil Nadu: Viluppuram is a Municipality and the administrative headquarters of Viluppuram district, the largest district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Located 61 kilometres south east of a Tiruvannamalai and 45 kilometres north west of Cuddalore.


Local resident adopts Off-Grid Solar Power with Loom Solar's Monocrystalline Panel which is one of the residential rooftop solar panels installations in the region. The 360Watt solar panels are all set assure that the electricity produces shall save 28 trees over its lifetime & reduce carbon footprint by 16.6 Tons.



The acceptance of Loom Solar's Monocrystalline Panel has been the testimony to the fact that these AC producing modules are upto 20% effieiciency, durable, and quick at plug & play mode.This Off-Grid Solar Power installed at the farm house of Mr. NA shall generate 22000 units of electricity in its lifetime.


This Monocrystalline Panel has been installed by our Partner - Mr. Nawin Traders. He is the owner of NA in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu.




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