Solar Saving: Reduce Electricity Bill

Solar Installation @600 watt

Hi My name is Bhuvan Singh Pinari. I live in Uttrakhand, Garamapni Village, District Nainital. In our Village there is cold whether in 24 months, So that we must need hot water everytime, Before sometime we used the stove or the electric road to heat the water. We did not have any other solution at that time.
But since I have opened my hotel, I have installed a geyser into my hotel, which is I am using through Solar, There are 50-60 people come in my hotel on daily basis. It is difficult for us to heat the water or use the power road. But since I started running from Geyser from Solar, I can heat water in less time and can serve to my guests also. As well I am also saving my electricity bill to use solar.

I will recommend to all my friends to use to save electricity bill and energy also.



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