Government Subsidy on "Solar Power" Hurry Up!!!

Installed @ 3KW solar system

I am Ravi Kumar from AURAIYA, U.P. I am running a small business of nursery at rural area, We don't have good electricity facility in our area to grow my business, I am using solar energy to get 24*7 power at my home and in my nursery also. it's helps the plants to get ample solar energy required for their growth. As well this is a money saver product for me, As i got Govt. Subsidy Rs. 1,00,000 -n since the government is providing  a huge subsidy so its benefiting you as well.

So guys this is my story....Go ahead and avail this offer and make a difference to your life and to your environment!!!

Government Subsidy available Till 31st March. 






How much subsidy given on 1kw or 2 kw
Solar plant on home use

amrut talekar

amrut talekar

Mai isko instal karana chahata hu please help me

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