Inverter load capacity as per rating of inverter and connected watt rating of load on inverter. For exam.

The following loads you want to operate with inverter are,

Two (2) Nos. 1 ton AC (Air condition)

5 Nos. of 60 watt ceiling Fan

10 Nos. of 20 watt CFL lamp

One Laptop

Mobile charger

Two (2) LED TV

Than the approximate house load are (2X1.2kW+5X60W+10X20W+1X200W+1X20W+2X200W) =3520watt and consider margin 10%. 3872 watt or 4.9 KVA.

So based on the load you can buy 5 kVA inverter for home application available at market. Please visit our website for on line calculator and load estimation tool.

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