Best Solar Panel for Home & Business in India

With the current demand of power and rising fuel prices a smart home is always equipped with the best solar panel which can cut all the costs and become a cost-efficient smart home. The best solar panel for home is a game changer in the realm of renewable energy. With cutting-edge technology and exceptional efficiency, a solar panel can make a home smarter and power efficient. In this article we will provide the answer for the best solar panel for home.

Fundamentals of Solar System

There are basically two types of solar system, ‘On Grid Solar System, Hybrid Solar System and Off Grid Solar System.’ The on grid solar system only works in connection with the local power grid, the off grid solar system work in offline mode i.e., without local power grid connection and the hybrid solar system work in both the conditions i.e., with local power grid connection and no power grid connection.

The best solar system for a smart home is the ‘on grid solar system’ due to the electricity connection in the metro cities. Another option for a smart home is the ‘hybrid solar system’ which can work in both the condition of abrupt or continuous power supply.

Beginner Steps to Install Solar Rooftop

Step 1: Installation Area – The average required installation area for an on grid solar system is 60 sq. ft (Square Foot) per kW (Kilo Watt).

Step 2: Rooftop Area – The required rooftop space must have the specific condition of cement roofing, shade free are and South facing open area.

Step 3: Size and Weight – The total size of a single solar panel is 28 sq. ft and the general weight is 32.5 kg.

Step 4: Power Generation Capacity – The basic power generation of a single is 4 - 5 units per kW.

Best Solar Panels in India

SHARK 550W (Monofacial/Bifacial): A solar panel is now available in 550W of power capacity, which is built with the latest technology and is best suitable for homes and businesses. The built in class that is available in this solar panel is the ‘Monofacial and Bifacial’ which is the most advance and modern technology. Loom Solar is the No. 1 manufacturer in India and the brand has also introduced the mono technology which is the latest and the most advance technology type. The watt capacity of solar panel in mono technology is available in 50 W, 125 W, 180 W, and 350 W. There are also solar panels that are available in 50 W, 125 W, 225 W, Shark 445 Watt, and Shark 550 W.

Power: 550W

Efficiency: 22.07%

Power Warranty: 30 years

Temperature Coefficient: -40℃~+85℃

Approval from the DISCOM / Electricity Department

To install on grid and hybrid solar system, a permission / approval is required from the local DISCOM (Distribution Company) / electricity department.

On Grid Solar System: Yes

Hybrid Solar System: Optional

Off Grid Solar System: No

Installation Process

Step 1: Site Survey – The brand will assign an engineer who will perform a site survey for the installation of the solar system.

Step 2: Solar System Selection – After the site survey, the selection of a solar system is decided by the brand and consumer as per the consumer requirement and site are availability.

Step 3: Solar Quotation – After finalizing the solar system, a solar quotation is drafted by the solar brand which is further assessed by the consumer for further negotiations.

Step 4: Solar Loan – The brand also prepares a draft for the consumer which helps the consumer to acquire a solar loan for further consumer cost benefit factors.

Step 5: - Feasibility report – A feasibility report is drafted by the solar brand which provided a detailed analysis of solar system and all its component. The feasibility report also includes factors such as performance data, maintenance, and service cost, etc.

Step 6: Solar System Installation – After all the assessment and analysis, the installation of solar system is completed by the engineer. After the installation, a further system and load assessment is performed to check for any errors and malfunction.

Step 7: Net Meter Installation – After completing the installation a net meter is installed which calculated the units consumed by the consumer and the units supplied back to the local discom.
*(A net meter is only installed with the on grid solar system and hybrid solar system.)

Step 8: Solar Subsidy (On Grid) – There are multiple solar subsidies that are available in the solar market. Some of the solar subsidies are provided by the state government and some are provided by the central government. Each type of subsidy has its own benefits and perks. The solar brand will provide help to the consumer to select the best solar subsidy for all the deserved benefits and perks.

Step 9: Bill Adjustment – The brand drafts a rough bill for their consumer prior to the purchase of t solar panel. Further, the brand and consumer sit along and discuss all the negotiations, added perks / services / benefits and adjustments a final amount is decided with the approval of both the parties (brand and the consumer). In the end, a final official bill is drafted by the brand for the consumer to complete the purchase of the solar system.

Step 10: Service & Maintenance – The brand will further provide all the essential services and maintenance factors for consumer’s solar system. All the services will be provided by the pre decided official bill of the solar brand.

Investment & Return

The basic investment that is calculated for a single kilo watt of a solar system ranges in between ₹ 70,000 to ₹ 1,25,000. The return that a consumer can expect is differential cost to product benefit. The solar system will save from 15% to 25% of the monthly electricity bill. Analyzing from the overall perspective, a solar system can save nearly 30% to 35% of total money spent on electricity bills in a year.


The best solar panel for a smart home is a ‘Monofacial and Bifacial’ solar panel which are not only advance but are cost effective too. The best solar system for a smart home is the ‘on grid solar system and the hybrid solar system’. Both the types of solar system are majorly used in urban areas and are now more affordable for a consumer. To know more about the solar panels and systems, visit Loom Solar’s website at





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