Solar Loan frequently ask questions

Solar Loan FAQs

What is the interest rate?

The interest rate of solar loan is average 10% to 15% yearly and It is based on the customer profile and loan providers. Your CIBIL profile will help you to build a good rapport and get an exciting interest rate.

Who is Eligible?

A home owner who wants to install solar panels more than two kilowatt solar systems in home, they are eligible for loan. An interested homeowner can visit nearby banks in his area.

Why choose Loom Solar for a Rooftop Solar Loan?

EMI loan option is available across segments like homes, cars, consumer durables, phones etc. that are basis certain well-oiled process. When it comes to EMI/ loan for solar power plants the processes are yet to become more inclusive. EMI for rooftop solar needs constant hand-holding by an expert for the homeowner to manage the entire process. This festive season, we at Loom Solar, have chosen to step up and be available for this need of homeowners. Our team continues to work relentlessly to help our customers opting for loan / EMI options.”

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