What is Customize Battery Solution?

Batteries used for some special applications or projects for research related work requires some modification in the battery voltage level or the capacity. For all such cases you need to connect with an expert to elaborate & explain the actual use case of the required customization in the standard battery pack.

Why you need it?

Anyone willing to switch from their old school Lead-Acid battery pack to latest technology based Lithium battery solution but do not know enough can connect with our team. Totally free consultation for the right selection of Lithium battery packs.

For Which Applications, We can Provide:

Customized lithium battery can be used best for the following applications:

Two - Wheeler  
Electric Bike
Electric Scooter
Electric Cycle
Three Wheeler
Wheel Chair
Four Wheeler
Golf Cart

How much is the price of customize battery in India?

Avg. price of customize lithium battery is Rs. 30/Wh in India and if you want to buy 500Wh lithium battery is Rs. 15,000, 1kWh lithium battery is Rs. 30,000 and 2kWh lithium battery is Rs. 60,000 including all costs. 

Why Choose Us?

1. Pre & Post Expert Guidance
2. Durable Products
3. Competitive Price

Our expert is here!

We help to choose the perfect battery for your application. contact to our expert, Shams Tabrez, email: shams@loomsolar.com, mobile: +91-8512 88 77 00