5 kWh Power Storage System for Commercials, Shops, Office, Showrooms

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The world is moving towards newer technology, Higher efficiency products, Loom Solar introduces Power backup system powered with a Lithium battery.

5 kVA inverter and 5 kWh Lithium battery is sufficient enough to cater a home power needs to run 6-10 lights, 3-4 fans, 1 television, 1 refrigerator,  1 Grinder, Juicer machine, along with charging a couple of mobiles and laptop. The lithium battery has a capacity to store 5,000-watt power inside it. 

This set up replaces the old traditional system in which a customer generally buys a 5 kVA inverter and 4 Nos. of 150 Ah Lead-acid battery. 


  • 2 -4 hours battery full charge time
  • Double the life from Lead-acid battery having 2000 cyclic life.
  • Digital display in the battery to check charging levels 
  • Portable, lightweight, Aesthetically makes the home looks beautiful
  • Maintenance Free - No water top up required as it was in lead-acid batteries. 

Energy Storage Video


Peak Load Handling capacity (AC Side)

5,000 watt

Solar Panel Support

4500 watt


IoT Based



Battery Capacity

5,000-Watt Hour

Battery rating

100 Ah / 48 Volt

Battery operating range

Low battery – 44.0 Volt

Full charged - 56.6 Volt 




Inverter – Microtek


Backup time

@ 2000 watts

@ 1500 watts

@ 1000 watts

@ 400 watts

@ 300 watts

2 hours 30 hours

3 hours 

4 hours 30 minutes

11 hours

15 hours


Download from here engineering diagram  install this solar system.

Still looking for more information, download the Inverter and lithium battery data sheet to read more about it. 

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