Bifacial Solar Panel for Business: Price, Benefits & More.

Solar energy is rapidly growing these days because people now bother to pay high electricity bills and diesel cost of running their businesses smoothly. Now people want to reduce their business expenses and earn more profit that's why they want a solution for it. As all of this they more foward to install solar panel for business to work without any hassle. But here is one question come there are many solar panels in the market but which is suitable and give maximum result in limited cost to the business. So, let discuss about the optimal solar panel for business.

What is Bifacial Solar Panel?

Bifacial solar panel are the latest german tchnology solar panel who can produce or generate the power from both the sides of panel, means it can produce the power from front and back side as well. That's why bifacial solar panel have 25% more efficient than the regular solar panels.These solar panels are capable to work during bad weather conditions and cloudy weathers as well. Bifacial solar panels are the good choice for snow covered areas, deserts and normal lands beacuse its produce power from the reflected sunlight. These solar panels for business is a great choice to imporove the work efficiency of their business.

How Much do Bifacial Solar Panel Cost?

Bifacial solar panel price starting from Rs. 21,000 to Rs. 25,000 in India. It's also depands on their size, brands, efficiency etc. In India the lowest bifacial solar panel price is Rs. 21,000.

What is the Benefits of Bifacial Solar Panel?

  • Produce electricity from both the sides
  • Higher efficiency Rate
  • Capbale to work in different weather conditions
  • 25 years long life span
  • Various installations options
  • Gives good return on investment
  • Gives more power in limited price and rooftop space.

Why Choose Bifacial Solar Panel for Business?

Choosing bifacial solar panel for business is a excellent decision as they boost your saving and give best ROI (Return On Investment) rate. Generate more power to in a limited space and budget with a gives boost to business to do more work. Bifacial solar panel are also known for their longer lifespan, durability and efficiency. This results in reduced long-term operational costs and less hassle for your business.To opting bifacial solar panel for business is a win-win situation for your business and the planet also beacuse you m ake it a smart investment for your business and environment also.

Why choose Loom Solar?

  • PAN India delivery with in 3 to 5 days
  • 24x7 service support
  • EMI or loan options availble to buy solar system easily 
  • Product demonstration centres in your city
  • Buy from directly solar panel from manufacturer

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