Tharshana Hospital, Ram Nagar, Sivaganggai, Tamil Nadu – 5.00 Kw

Ram Nagar Tamil Nadu Solar Installations

Thank you so much to Loom Solar Team for doing such a wonderful job for installing my solar power system. The level of customer service I received was outstanding – from my initial enquiry, right thought to the assistance provided to me with the completion and proper installations of system, particularly in creation of customize mounting structure as per our need for hospital. The team suggest best product and were able to provide me with a unique solutions suitable for my hospital.


Technical Specifications:


  1. Luminous 6KW NXT PCU, 2 Years Warranty, Qty 1
  2. Luminous Solar Panel 325 Watt, 25 Years Warranty Qty 15
  3. Luminous Solar Battery (12150H), 5 years warranty, Qty 8
  4. + Free Installation and Transportations


Solar Installation in Sivaganggai

Other than this they helped me in operating of system, how it will work and how we can see and measure output of solar generation system. 


I am now enjoying the benefits of 24x7 electricity from my solar which previously was not possible and I was dependent on my generator system during blackout hours.


 Tharshana Hospital Tamil Nadu


I am very satisfied with the exceptional quality of the  installation along with the professional workmanship provided by the installers and would have no hesitation in recommending Loom Solar brand to my friends, family or neighbor’s looking to install a high quality solar power system.


5 kw solar installations

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