1 kW Off Grid Solar System Installation in Bhawnathpur, Garhwa (Jharkhand)
solar panel installation in bhawnathpur, garhwa

1 kW Off Grid Solar System is designed to give power supply for 4-5 hours to 2-3 BHK homes in India having severe power cuts and unreliable electricity supply. It is a Small Power plant which can run a Peak Load up to 650 Watts. We are living in rural areas where Electricity is available and Power cuts are frequent, This Solar system helps you to save Electricity of almost 1.5 Units per day which is used in battery charging. Generally, I use Lights, Fans, Refrigerators, Mobile Charging, and more.

Other Benefits:

Battery full charging in low-light and cloudy weather.

Maintenance Requirements:

There is no required maximum maintenance. Solar Panels automatically clean in rainy season. We fill acid in battery 2-3 times within year.

My Motivation:

To charge my battery when power cut is too maximum.


Yes, we should install minimum 2 solar panels and one charge controller for every home.

Experience with Installer:


Additional Notes:

I will update photos on regular basis

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Please inform the price for 100watt monochristaline panel.

Bhupinder Singh

Bhupinder Singh

Appoint soler system engineer for on line guiedence who has purchased from your company,as I.

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