What is an Inverter Battery

What’s the use of generation of energy if you can’t store it and use when you really need it? Right? Well, this issue can be solved in case of the electricity generated by solar panel(s). all you need is an inverter battery. To be precise, an inverter battery stores the energy produced by the solar panel(s) and convert its type which is actually in the DC (Direct Current) form to an AC (Alternative Current). The reason being that most of the appliances use an AC form of electricity, especially in the residencies. It thus, is a part of a solar system that helps in the generation and usage of energy.

Types of Inverter Battery

The following are the types of inverter batteries:

  • Lead-acid Inverter Battery: These are the oldest types of inverter batteries using lead and lead dioxide electrodes and an electrolyte. These are rechargeable, but require regular maintenance.
  • Maintenance-free Inverter Battery: These are the lead-acid batteries that do not require changing of water again and again, making them maintenance free. They also last longer than the lead-acid inverter batteries.
  • Tubular Inverter Battery: These too are made up of lead-acid, but are in which, a replacement of the positive plate is done with a tube made of cloth. These types of inverter batteries last longer, require much less maintenance, come with comparatively higher costs, etc.

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