Why is the Demand of Grid Connected Solar System Growing?

Pune Maharashtra: Pune is a city of greenery and water. Also Pune has the 2nd highest IT  Industry in India. Pune is a city where everyone is ready to accept new culture and technology. Here you will get a wide range of educational institutions that's known as the "Oxford of the East".  

Why are Solar Systems being Installed in Pune?

1. After the lock down, the electricity bill reading has started, due to which the electricity bill is coming very high. The electricity bill in Maharashtra is more expensive than in other states.

2. The demand for two wheelers in lock down has increased rapidly. Especially the electric wheelers like Electric Cycle and Scotty etc.

The lifestyle of people living in such city like Pune is quite different. Coolers, air conditioners, fridges, lights with TVs, fans are common for households’ purpose. So, the electricity bill of the houses here ranges from 1500 to 5000 rupees.

If someone has Electric Vehicles at their home, then the electricity consumption of their house can increase by 2 to 3 units. That is, 15 to 25 rupees per day.

What is the benefit of this?

benefits of grid connected solar system
The introduction of AC Module in India has given home owners a lot of convenience. You can install solar system as much as they are needed and as the electricity consumption at home increases, so the capacity of solar system will be increased. Resident of Pune City, Mr. SUYOG MIRAJKAR  has installed 5kW grid connected solar system.

How does It Work?

how ac module works
AC Module is based on latest technology grid-connected solar system which generates electricity during day time. That is, whatever the load of the house will run during the day time, it will run through the solar system. It is also necessary to keep a battery bank system with this. When power outage for 5 to 10 minutes, keep the basic appliances running at your house.

Who has installed it?

This system has been Installed by Loom Solar and It's Distributor Jayesh Patil, he has installed number of big and small solar systems. You can get complete information about this system from him.

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