The Solar System: A Smart Choice for Small Businesses

A solar system offers small businesses a smart choice by reducing energy costs, enhancing sustainability efforts, and gaining long-term financial benefits. With decreasing solar technology costs, tax incentives, and a positive environmental image, adopting solar power can bolster operational efficiency while demonstrating a commitment to a greener future, attracting eco-conscious customers. 

Why Should Small Investment Businesses Invest in a Solar System?

There are multiple factors to invest in solar system - 

Cost saving: For Low investment business with small funding, reducing operational costs are vital. Solar system offers to generate clean energy. By installing Solar Panels, small business can reduce their dependency on grid electricity and decrease their monthly utility bills effectively. The initial investment in solar panels can be recovered with time through ongoing energy savings, leading to a positive return on investment. The cost of solar products continues to decline, And the financial benefits become even more attractive for small businesses.

Eco-friendly Reputation: As consumers are more conscious of environmental issues, small business present a responsibility to sustainability for competitive advantage. Low-Investment Businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a clean-green future by installing solar systems. 

Tax Benefits: Governments recognize the importance of solar system adoption and often provide encouragement and tax benefits to businesses that invest in solar energy. These incentives can take the form of grants, tax credits, or accelerated depreciation, effectively reducing the upfront costs of installation and increasing the ROI (return on investment).

Energy Reliability: Investing in solar energy systems empowers small investment business to become more energy independent. By generating their electricity, enterprises are less tolerant of power outages caused by grid failures or natural disasters. This energy independence ensures that essential operations can continue during unexpected disruptions, minimizing downtime and potential losses. With battery storage solutions, businesses can even store excess solar energy during non-sunny periods, improving their energy dependability and stability.

Best Product at a Competitive Price

Loom Solar is the No. 1 manufacturer in India, Brand has also introduced Mono PERC Topcon technology solar panel. Which is the latest and most advanced technology of solar panels. The loom solar panel SHARK 550W also comes with modern Bifacial technology that can generate maximum energy in a small area. A solar panel is now available with 550W of power capacity, built with the latest technology, and is best suitable for low-investment business.

Model: 550W - Mono perc 144 cells half cut.

Power: 550W

Efficiency: 22%

Power Warranty: 25 years

Temperature Coefficient: -40℃~+85℃

How to Buy

You can buy solar system from our company's website. We offer a variety of high-quality solar products that are perfect for your home or business. As well as for a guidence about on solar system, products, installation process and budgeting etc. we will also offer a engineer visit so that you can choose a best and suitable solar system according to your requirment. 

Why Choose Loom Solar for best Solar Solution?

Loom Solar is India’s No. 1 company of solar panel, lithium battery for homes and business.

Other facilities, you must try are:

  1. Flexible EMI Option: Flexible EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) options are becoming increasingly popular in the solar industry, allowing customers to finance their solar systems over a period

Check details on Solar Loan at

  1. PAN India Delivery within 3 to 7 days: Check for ease of delivery of solar panels and other solar equipment at your doorstep. This reduces your effort and also ensures the service is timely.  
  2. Buy from directly solar panel from manufacturer: There are many online platforms making it feasible to buy solar power systems for customers at a click on a button, thus making it convenient for customers to choose the right product for their home or office etc.
  3. Over 50,000 happy homes and businesses: With innovative and technologically advanced solar products, Loom Solar has ensured to have over 50,000 happy families across India and more families are joining to choose renewable & solar power solutions  
  4. Product demonstration centres in your city: Over 3500 retail touch point of Loom Solar across India, are helping customer choose the right solution within their city/ town and that is helping the customers to make the right choice by discussing their requirements at length.

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