Latest Technology Solar Panel: A Bright Future Ahead

If you are looking for the latest technology solar panels for your home or business, then Shark 550W Mono PERC, 144 Solar Cells - Half Cut solar panel is the perfect for your needs. This is a 550W Bifacial solar panel introduced by Indian solar panel manufacturer - Loom Solar.


This solar panel has 11 busbars, half cut technology, mono perc solar cells and it is also known as "Topcon technology solar pv module" whose efficiency is 22% more, which will generate maximum electricity in less rooftop space. If we talk about generation of a single solar panel, then its 14 ampere and its VOC is 15.28 volts. This solar panel is very beneficial for your home and office or factory, which will make you more electricity in less space. For more information visit our website "".

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