How to Find Solar Installer in my City? [मेरे शहर में सोलर इंस्टालर कैसे खोजें? ]

Now you will have in your mind who will install the solar power plant. It is generally difficult to find a solar panel installer in a large power plant. Because it is very important to have the nearest installer for a big power plant because we have chances of maintenance for setting up such a big power plant.

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Therefore, the expenditure on maintenance of such a large solar power plant is 2 to 3%. Is. In which your maintenance is required. Like your car is gone. The car requires maintenance. In which your wiring is checked. Cleaning takes place. However, there is no need to do cleaning here. Because here it rains 4 to 5 times throughout the year. So that the solar panels here also remain, clean.

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