How to Check Power Consumption & Load of Dental Clinic?

We will check the power consumption here in this medical clinic. Therefore, to check the power consumption, we will go to the man distribution box and check how many kilowatts of load is running minimum and maximum. So what is here in Sir's office? There is a monitor here in Sir's office.

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A monitor, which is a necessary walk-in and is a junction box, and one device, is its controller and CCTV camera, light and fan. What is the function of this dental chair? This is what the check-up is after the patient arrives and the treatment goes on as well. In addition, this is an X-ray machine. It will also run on current and the printer is the CPU. So all the applications of the clinic which showed 16, 17,18,19,20. If it is turning on, then this ampere is increasing.

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