Loom Solar Kit 360 Watt, Garudeshwar Village, Narmada, Gujarat

My name is Dilipkumar Tadvi, I am a resident of Garudeshwar Village, Narmada, Gujarat, In my area there is problem of power interruption and I don’t get electricity when needed. Few days ago, when I was searching on internet about alternate energy, I came to know about solar energy so I found this company loom solar.


Microtek Solar Installations Image


After doing lots of research about this company and product, I contacted to call center, I got satisfactory solar consultations, so later on I arranged money and paid full amount to them.


Microtek 1135va inverter


 As per their timeline, we received the product and installed it and its running successfully and really happy from this product. I encourage my family and friends to choose alternate energy (solar) and get freedom from older version of electricity.


Loom Solar Mono Panel 180 Watt

 Loom Solar Kit Details: Rs. 39,500/-


  1. Loom Solar 180 Watt Panel, Qty 2
  2. Solar Battery 120ah, Qty 1
  3. Microtek Solar Inverter 1135va, Qty 1
  4. Loom Solar Mounting Structure, 360 Watt
  5. Loom Solar DC Wire – 30 Meter


EnergyLom solar 180 watt panelLoom solar installation viewLoom solar kitSolar installation

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