5kW On Grid Solar System Installation in Delhi, India

Delhi, India: Delhi, India’s capital territory, is a massive metropolitan area in the country’s north. Badarpur is a historic town and district in Delhi. Badarpur is famous for its Badarpur Border bus terminal from where you can take buses for all over Delhi and NCR. It is located 900m away from interstate toll plaza between Delhi and Faridabad border.

Purpose of Installation

reducing electricity bill

One of the house owner from Badarpur. He has given his house on rent and was suffering from too much electricity bill. One day, he decided to install a solar power system on the rooftop of the house and can save money every month.


ac module

He started to research nearby a best solar panel company in Faridabad. He found a loom solar that is Faridabad based solar panel manufacturer, sells the complete solar solution from home and business owners. He contacted the loom solar support team. They suggested 5KW AC Module without battery installation.


on grid solar system components


ac module installation

Loom Solar delivers all products to the installation location. This company also provides solar installation when any customer buys the complete solar system from 1kW to10kW. Loom Solar has an experienced solar installation team. They work very safely and professionally. They have good behavior with customers in the installation area. They do the complete installation of 5kW AC Module Installation within 3-4 days. They tested solar power generation at 12 o'clock during the day though mobile phone. You can watch the complete installation video from here:



Second steps, he has applied for net metering. He can export solar power to BSEB. Below documents are required for applying net metering, such as:

documents for net metering

1. Latest Electricity Bill,

2. Aadhar Card,

3. PAN Card,

4. Photograph,

5. Solar Panel Manufacture Certificate, and

6. Solar Inverter Manufacture Certificate, etc.


After submitting documents in DISCOM office, you will receive application receipt similar to like this:



rooftop solar panel company

Summer starts now. We cannot do anything without electricity. If you are also troubling the same type of problem, you can install a solar panel on your roof. Loom Solar is a trusted rooftop solar panel company in India where you can get information about solar products and installation.

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Harvinder Gill

Harvinder Gill

requirement : 5KW Grid connected solar plant in Punjab

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