5KW On Grid Solar Solution, Kanaka Nursing Home, Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu

Kanaka Nursing Home is known hospital in Rajapalayam in Virudhunagar in Tamilnadu, was facing a major problem of overloading at peak hours. The power bills were mounting. This Polycrystalline (PV) project has become a showcase in environment friendly building in Rajapalayam after attaining major savings.


Loom Solar Installation in Virudhnagar


Product Solutions:


Loom Solar executed 5Kwp on grind solar solution of 16 qty, 325 Watt panel. Luminous module to address the client’s concerns and provide a significant reduction in electricity bills and 24x7 electricity availability. This project completed in January 2019.


Loom Solar wiring of solar in Virudhnagar


Solar Panel Wiring coming to Inverter

Loom Solar Wiring from solar panel to inverter


Loom Solar Proper Wiring from Solar Panel to Inverter

Loom Solar Inverter Wiring


Loom solar system Integrator doing installation

Loom Solar Wiring Connections


Final Stage of Installations of Inverter

System Integrator of Loom Solar


Loom Solar On Grid Inverter Display

Display of Loom Solar

5kw on grid solar solution

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