3kW Shark Solar Panel Installation in Calicut, Kerala

Kozhikode, Kerala: Kozhikode is also known as Calicut. The city is very famous for their tasty foods and friendly peoples. The city is famous because Vasco da Gama landed in Kappad, Kozhikode. The climate is perfect for Solar installation, as it is not too hot and having good sun light and tropical monsoon climate.     

Purpose of Installation

kseb electricity bill

The customer is a resident who is looking for an option to reduce his KSEB bill and they are worries turning their AC because of the high electricity bills. Like all other home the main appliances such as Fans, Computer, Lights, Air Conditioner, Computer, Printer, Refrigerator, etc. For utilize the Sun power, he decided to install a solar power system in his home. 


loom solar

The customer checked with different installers and short listed Loom Solar Trusted partner Southern Engineering Company (Southern Solar) for their installation because of the past successful projects, customer feedbacks etc. Southern Solar suggested then the perfect size solar plant with super high efficiency solar panels, Shark Solar Panel. An average cost of 1KW solar panel with AC panel system is Rs. 90,000 including all costs.

Successful Our Installation


shark solar panel installation

After confirmation of the project, installer ordered the materials with Loom Solar and they deliver all the goods on time at customer location. The installation was done as per the safety standards and with proper caution signage. The installers are also aware about different safety standards that needs to maintain for On Grid Approval.

Shark Solar Panel Video in Malayalam 


Here the customer preferred to install the solar system on tin shed that facing south with a slope of 10 degree. That is perfect slope for installation in Kerala. The panels and structures are earthed with copper road and earthing chemical.

 ac distribution box


The micro inverters are connected using the trunk cables and connected to the ACDB with SPD and MCB for extra layer of protection. Then it goes to the Solar Meter and Manual Isolator as per the requirement of KSEB. Then it goes to KSEB line, in b/w we have installed the Envoy remote monitoring system in an enclosure.


Here we have enabled both production and consumption monitoring, this was done with the help of CT’s connected to Enphase Envoy. Southern Solar are experts in AC Panel installation and Grid Tie with KSEB.   


This first step helps the customer to zero his electricity bill and monitor how much he is using, this data in mobile app helps him to control his unwanted usages. Now the system was tested by KSEB and provided approval for On Grid with Net Meter. If you are planning to install Solar system in Kerala, Southern Solar (Loom Solar trusted rooftop solar panel installer company) where you can get information about solar products and installation. Southern Solar, Kozhikode, Kerala – Ph: 9496345337




Would like to have a site visit to assess the feasibility at my home in Kozhikode.

Rijesh arangil

Rijesh arangil

Looking for 3 kv

Renju R

Renju R

I am looking for 3-4 Kva solar for my home in Kasargode .. pls share cost and details to my below number
00974 66240134

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