3.75 kW Off Grid Solar System Installation in RO Water Plant, Ranipet (Tamil Nadu)

Ranipet, Tamil Nadu: Ranipet became the district headquarters for the Ranipet district after announcement of the newly created district. The District has been formally inaugurated and started functioning from 28th November, 2019, then by becoming the 36th District of Tamil Nadu.

Purpose of Installation

solar panel installation in ranipet

Mr. Chitti Baby is a business owner of RO Water Plant in Chittor location of Ranipet (Tamil Nadu). He runs a shop of Drinking Water Supply in his area. As we know, the electricity bill of commercial locations is higher than residential. He consumes approx. 15 units every day and 450 units per month.  He pays Rs. 4,000 to 5,000 per month. He wants to reduce the electricity bill for his shop. He has decided to install a solar power system at his shop and he met with PMM Future Power Solution in his area. Mr. R Mohanraj is an owner of PMM Future Power Solution and he is associated with as solar distributor of Loom Solar.

How to Suggest Solar Solution here?

3kw solar system installation in ranipet

Mr. R Mohanraj is an experienced solar engineer and he understands Mr. Chitti requirements. He calculates loads and finds 1500 Watt to 2500 Watt in RO Water Plant. He gives 3 kW Solar System Solution with Battery bank. Below are details information of main components:


Loom Solar Shark Panel
Shark 440W 4
Off Grid Inverter 3.75 kVA - 48 V 1
Solar Battery 150 Ah 4
Panel Stand Mini Rail Roof Structure 10
Lightning Arrester - 1
Earthing Iron Rod 2
ACDB / DCDB 2-in-1-out 2

3kW Solar System with Battery Video


Mr. R Mohanraj is happy after installing solar power system and he is saving 240 units every month. 3kW Solar System has installed by PMM Smart Future Solutions, distributor of Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd. If you are interested to install rooftop solar and you are living in out of India / near wise Ranipet location, you can contact to our partner, Mr. R. Mohanraj: 89187 62541

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