3kW Off Grid Solar Panel System in Thrissur, Kerala

Thrissur, Kerala: Thrissur is a beautiful and sacred city in the southern state of Kerala. This city is well known for its religious sites and colorful festivals. The Vadakkumnathan temple of Lord Shiva lies in the centre of the city and is adorned with murals. Thiruvambady temple, situated to the north of this city, serves as the home to several elephants. Its famous archaeology museum, Sakthan Thampuran Palace has several bronze statues and ancient coins. Its major industries include coir, textile, tile, match stick industry, printing, etc.

Why Solar Panel is installed in Thrissur?

solar panel installation

A house owner in Chavakkad, 6 KM from Guruvayur Temple and 32 KM from Thrissur town wanted 24-hour power backup and at the same time wants to reduce the monthly electricity bill. They connected Loom Solar for the guidance and installation of the solar power plant that fits their requirements. The engineers visited and conducted the power audit. It was thus decided that an off-grid 5 kVA 48-volt solar PCU with four 150 AH tall tubular solar batteries. 5 KVA solar PCU allows the customer to connect up to 8 batteries in the future.   The inverter has the capacity to run lights, Fans, TV, CCTV, Computer, Mixer Grinder, Washing Machine, 1.5 HP Water Pump, Induction Cooker, Iron Box, and the 1.5 Ton Inverter AC. The off-grid solar panel is used to run lights, Fans, TV, CCTV, Computer, Mixer Grinder, Washing Machine, 1 HP Water Pump, Induction Cooker & Iron Box on daily basis. The customer is getting 24 Hours power supply from the above system without using Grid supply (The average Production is 7 Units per day even with occasional rains).

Which Solar system is installed?

solar panel installation

The main purpose of this Solar system is to run the home appliances for 24 hours daily and provide full power backup for regular usage. The house owner wants to reduce his monthly electricity bill. They have installed an off-grid 5 KVA solar PCU. The major components of this solar power system are Off-grid Inverter: 5KVA, 48V Solar PCU with Inbuilt 60A MPPT (Make: Unique Energy), 4 Loom Solar Half Cut Panels of 440W (up to 8 panels can be connected), 4 Panel Stand from Loom Solar of 440W, 4 shark tall tubular batteries (Make Exide) of 150 AH, 6 sq mm DC Cables from Loom Solar, and earthing System.

Benefits of Installing Solar System

Before this installation, the customer had a 1KVA 12 inverter at his residence.  With the help of Loom Solar, solar power panels are installed and the old inverter is now a solar inverter and put to appropriate use at the customer’s office.  The customer is satisfied and happy with the service of solar panels. The installation will bring the following benefits to his solar system, such:

#1. Regular power backup – Production of 7 Units per day even with occasional rains

#2. Return on Investment - 15% Return Every Year

#3. Reduce CO2 Emission -   Save 8.5 tons of CO2 emissions per year and that's equivalent to 130 Trees Plantation.

How is a Solar Panel installed?

solar panel installation

These solar panels are installed within the guidance of experienced solar engineer Shreejith and his experienced team, service no. 7559959755. He works on this project from customer requirements to solar solution, product delivery, installation, and net metering.


If you are willing to install a solar inverter with a solar panel and battery at your residence or for commercial use, you can use Loom Solar and its local retail shops in your area. If you are in Dubai or Kuwait you can call for an engineer visit. Faridabad, Haryana-based solar panel company Loom Solar is the most trusted solar solution provider that provides 10 watts to 440W solar panels, 75 Watt-hour to 5000 Watt-Hours, Best Quality Panel Stand, DC Wire, etc. Find more information, www.loomsolar.com.


K S MOHANAN PILLAI ksmohan1957@gmail.com

K S MOHANAN PILLAI ksmohan1957@gmail.com

We are having an 2kva Solar panel system in our Hotel so We are thinking to buy a 3kva solar Invator MPPM modal system kindly give me your Qataion above Tanks



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