"Unity Power Of Solar Energy"

Solar Installation @10kw

My name is Satyendra Singh. I am a resident of Patiala, Punjab Amritsar. I am a farmer, and to keep my farming good, I use water tube- well to watering in my fields which helps me to keep my harvest good. In my past time because of not having good income, I used to wait for electricity to use my tube-well or need to wait for rain for long time only to watering in the field, but some time ago me and my neighbors bought Solar Panels together with complete solar solution to solve this problem.

Now we never have to wait for electricity Whenever we want to give water to our fields we can.

We are 5 families depending on solar and one-by-one we all use water tube-well through the solar energy only. This process keeps us free mind to use water tube-well as now we are getting 24*7 electricity with less electricity bill also.

Solar Energy gives smile on our faces. :) 

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