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Solar energy is regarded as one of the cleanest forms of energy. In India, solar panels can be installed on all properties, industrial, commercial, and residential. Installation of a solar panel is not complicated and can be done by any solar expert. If you are looking to install a solar panel on your property, or if you are having problems with a solar panel, visiting a solar shop can help you.

How to locate a nearby solar shop in Kolkata, West Bengal?

Kolkata, West Bengal has several accessible solar shops that can help you overcome any difficulty. You can find a solar shop near you using the internet.

  1. Open Google Chrome or browser on your mobile phone or laptop.
  2. Search for solar shops near me or solar shops in Kolkata, West Bengal. You will see a list of solar shops.

The first result you see is the solar shop closest to your location. As you scroll down the list, the distance from your home to the solar shop will increase. For the best results, make sure the location feature on your device is turned on.

Best Solar Solution for Kolkata, West Bangal

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What is the solar panel price in Kolkata, West Bengal?

The price of solar panels in Kolkata, West Bengal depends on two factors:

  1. Type of system: You can install three types of systems—off-grid, on-grid and hybrid solar system. Depending upon the type of solar system you choose, the price of solar panels will vary. On-grid solar systems are the cheapest of the three while hybrid solar systems are the most expensive.
  2. Size of system: The price of the system increases with the size because larger systems require more panels. Solar system size is decided by how much electricity you need per day.

Depending on your choices, the final solar panel price in Kolkata, West Bengal will change. Here is a table to give you a general idea of how the price changes.

System Type

Off-grid Solar System

On-grid Solar System

Hybrid Solar System


























On Demand


On Demand














Solar shops are now open in most 1st tier, 2nd tier, 3rd tier and subsequent cities. Therefore, if you visit any solar shop, they will provide you with a quotation in a similar range. If you have not found a solar shop or a solar business in your neighbourhood in Kolkata, West Bengal, you can start your business.

How to start a solar business in Kolkata, West Bengal?

You can start three types of business depending upon your expertise and how much knowledge you have about solar energy and solar systems.

  1. Solar Dealership: A solar dealership is an ideal option if you are a beginner or know very little about solar systems. As a solar dealer with Loom Solar, you will not have to purchase any stock. Instead, you can purchase one demo product and use it for demonstration. The solar dealership is also ideal for full-time workers, freelancers or electricians.
  2. Solar Distributorship: Open a solar distributorship if you already know solar systems. As a solar distributor with Loom Solar, you will manage a network of solar dealers. You are required to purchase stock worth ₹1,00,000 (2nd and 3rd tier cities) or ₹3,00,000 (1st tier cities and state capitals). The solar dealership is ideal for real estate agents, business owners, electrical shop owners, etc.
  3. Affiliate program: If you are tech-savvy and have a knack for social media, you can join the Affiliate program. Loom Solar’s affiliate program is ideal for all social media influencers, regardless of the platform.

If you want to start your solar business and want to learn more about solar systems, you can join Learn Solar with Loom Solar – a training session held every Saturday for 1 hour. The training will teach you everything you need to know about solar systems.

You can also join the session if you want to know how to select solar panels and solar batteries for your home. However, until you join the session, here is a small gist of how you can select the right products for your home.

How to select solar panels & solar batteries for your home?

You can select the right solar panel and solar battery for your home in 4 simple steps:

  1. Contact a solar business near you.

You can search online for a solar business in your neighbourhood and contact them using the phone numbers they have provided. Alternatively, if you do not know any solar businesses, you can also contact us at Loom Solar. We provide customer service all days of the week. You can call us or send a WhatsApp message on 8750778800.

  1. Book an appointment.

You can ask solar-related queries to the solar expert who answers the call. Additionally, you can also purchase a product directly. However, we recommend booking a visit to your property. This will help the expert understand what type of system is best suitable for your home and your needs. This will also ensure you do not spend money on installing an inadequate system.

  1. Purchase the product.

The solar expert will recommend a list of products that your solar system needs. This generally includes PV modules, DC and AC wires, solar battery, inverter, etc. You will be given a complete list of products as well as how much each product costs. You can complete the payment online using a credit card, debit card, Paytm, or online banking or you can pay cash on delivery (COD).

  1. Complete installation.

You can select an installation date that is most convenient for you and book the appointment. The expert will visit your property and complete the installation as per the guidelines. He will also complete the testing to make sure everything works smoothly.

Your solar system is ready!

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Jamal sk

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Jamal sk

Jamal sk

I want to become a dealer of your product
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