What is a solar battery?

A solar battery is a kind of battery that can be charged by either solar energy or regular inverter and can store energy for using later as per the user’s need. The energy stored in it can be used whenever one wants only in an off-grid solar system, especially if a power-cut takes place. In such a “dark” situation, the energy stored in this battery is the only hope. On the other hand, the presence of it isn’t necessary in an on-grid solar system as your place is still connected with a grid and energy storage isn’t really the requirement of the users in this case.

Types of solar batteries

There are four major types of solar batteries: lead-acid, lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium, and flow batteries. All of these are rechargeable types of batteries provided the reason that one wouldn’t simply like to eliminate it after a single use.

Lead-acid solar batteries

Lead-acid solar batteries have sulphuric acid as their electrolyte and lead electrodes. They are the oldest types of batteries that have been in use since 1859. They are used in vehicles, homes, mobile towers, etc.

Lithium-ion solar batteries

Lithium-ion solar batteries are made up of a cathode, an anode, an electrolyte, and a separator. Ever since it was founded in 1985, lithium-ion batteries have been coming in use in mobile phones, laptops, electric vehicles, etc. and has now started being used even at homes, offices, etc.

Nickel-cadmium solar batteries

These solar batteries use nickel hydroxide and metallic cadmium electrodes. These were first discovered in 1899. They come in use in certain toys, flashlights, cameras, etc.

Flow solar batteries

Founded in 1970s, flow solar batteries are made up of silicon solar cells combined with some advanced solid materials. These types of batteries provide electricity generation and storage for mobile phones, lighting and other uses in home situated in remote areas.

Out of these, lead-acid solar batteries and lithium-ion solar batteries are the most used and trusted ones because of their varied advantages and different uses. Loom Solar being the leading manufacturer of solar panels and lithium batteries would definitely provide you with the best of its products.




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Amy Saunders

Amy Saunders

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