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We all know what electricity bill is. It is a statement of money that we owe to the electricity department for electricity used over a period, generally one month. It shows the amount of power we consume in the form of units, the charge per unit and the total amount due. There is an electric meter installed at our homes/ offices that measure the amount of consumption and based on the meter reading the total bill is calculated.

How much TNEB Electricity Rate, 2022?

Average electricity rate of Tamil Nadu electricity Board (TNEB) is Rs. 7.50 to Rs. 10.00 per unit. Below is the details electricity rate TNEB:

 Unit Rate
0-100 Free
101 - 200 Rs. 2.50
201 - 500 Rs. 3.00
500+ Rs. 6.00
Commerical Electricity Rate
Fixed charge Rs. 12.00 to 13.00
Agriculture Electricity Rate
Fixed charge Rs. 400 per month

How to Check TNEB Electricity Bill Amount?

The electricity bill amount equals the product of units consumed and the rate per unit. The number of units consumed can be found from the meter reading.

Most of the DISCOMs have their own app/ website where you can check the status, bill amount, etc. once you login to your account. They also allow to pay online.

Method 1: Online

Just follow these steps-

  1. Visit to
  2. Under Billing Services click on Bill Status
  3. Select your region followed by service number & mobile number
  4. Then you will be able to view the status of your bill.

Method 2: Electricity Bill Copy

Physical electricity bills are distributed by DISCOMs to the registered address against the service number of the bill which was created upon.

How to Calculate TNEB Electricity Bill?

The electricity bill amount equals the product of units consumed and the rate per unit. The number of units consumed can be found from the meter reading. You can also use an Online Electricity Bill Calculator to check the calculations and your total bill amount.

To calculate your electricity bill click here:

How to calculate TNEB electricity bill from meter reading?

How to calculate TNEB electricity bill from meter reading?

You can record your meter reading at the start of a month and then again at the end of the month or the billing period. The difference between the two readings will give the number of units consumed. When you multiply this with the rate per unit and add the other charges you get your total bill amount.

Types of meters installed in Tamil Nadu market:

  1. Digital Meter
  2. Net Meter
  3. Prepaid Meter

How to pay TNEB electricity bill payment online?

online electricity bill

National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) developed a one stop platform ‘BHART BILLPAY – कभी भी | कहीं भी’ (for national & international payments) for paying electricity, mobile, DTH, gas, water bill, etc. It has the special features, and we can pay our utility services payments though internet, mobile, agent outlets, bank branches,

  • It’s Simple
  • It’s Fast
  • It’s Helpful
  • It’s Time Saving.

Method 1: Online Payment through DISCOM Portal

Step 1: Visit TNEB Online Website



Step 2: Click on Quick Pay Option

quick pay

Step 3: Enter Consumer Details

enter consumer details 

    If you are willing to use this method on frequently then it will help you to make an account for saving your details to ease next-time payment. To make one-time quick payment you can select this option. To make the payment using advance methods like UPI, Net-banking & others you can use this option. It is completely secure & government regulated platform.

    Method 2: Payment through Online Payment Apps

    online payment platform

    1. Select an operator like PhonePe, Google Pay, MobiKwik, Paytm or others.
    2. Get into Bill Payment section
    3. Select Electricity Bill Payment
    4. Select your DISCOM from list of electricity billers
    5. Enter you service/account number
    6. Check your connection Name & Bill amount
    7. Make the payment using your UPI password

    Method 3: Nearby Electricity Counter

    tneb office

    1. Locate the nearest electricity bill counter using google maps
    2. Get to the nearest billing counter
    3. Pay your electricity bill in cash

    How to pay TNEB electricity bill online?

    today one can easily and conveniently pay their electricity bills online from their comforts of their homes. You can use the state-wise board operator's website to make your electricity bill payment easily. These boards have their own websites where they have the provision to make online bill payments. One can also search “Electricity bill payment near me” on Google to find out places where you can go and make a payment directly.

    Consumers can Quick pay their electricity bills by paying directly through their Paytm wallet, Google Pay, BHIM, Amazon Pay, PhonePe, PayZapp, etc. on their smartphones. Some apps also give a cashback for using their app for electricity bill payment. These offer some of the best electricity bill payment options.

    How to change name in TNEB electricity bill?

    To change your name in the electricity bill, visit the nearby office of the electricity board and fill an application form to change the name on the electricity bill. Submit the application along with the necessary documents to the authorities in the office.

    Step 1: Visit DISCOM Office

    Step 2: Contact to authorized person for this

    Step 3: Apply though Online Portable (

    How to reduce electricity bill?

    The lockdown has been a crazy experience of our times, where people have been locked down in their homes. The fear of the deadly COVID-19 virus has led to people staying at homes. This has, in turn, led to higher domestic electricity bills due to increased usage of lightsfansACsinternetlaptopsTVwashing machine, etc. as family members shift their schools and offices to their homes. Read more here:

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