An inverter is a device that converts DC into AC current. It is an important component of a solar system. A solar inverter is of three types – on-grid, off-grid and hybrid inverters. An off-grid inverter is used to work independently of the grid (hilly regions). Off-grid inverters can further be divided into PWM and MPPT based inverters (700 VA – 10kW). An On-grid of grid-tied inverters works in sync with the grid. These can be further divided into string, micro and power optimizer. Inverter technology is gradually getting matured with each passing year. Hybrid inverter works both in off-grid and on-grid solar systems.

Factors to keep in mind while choosing an inverter:

1.Efficiency – Efficiency of an inverter measures the amount of power generated from solar panel that finally reaches the batteries. For example, MPPT inverter is 96% efficient and for PWM efficiency is 70%-75%. It means that if 100% power is generated by solar panels, ~96% and 75% respectively reaches the battery using an MPPT/ PWM inverter.

2.Service & Maintenance – An inverter needs maintenance so make sure your dealer is catering to service and maintenance of the inverter.

3.Brand & Manufacturer – It is important to choose a reliable and reputed brand manufacturer when buying an inverter to ensure proper quality as well as services.

4.Customer Reviews – Very important to read customer reviews of products before investing in it. Generally, people share their overall experience right from buying to usage. A happy customer gives good reviews which help us in further deciding the product we buy.

5.Price – In India, inverters are available in the price range of Rs. 4K – Rs. 5L. You can buy depending on your requirement and budget.

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