How Are Solar Panels Made Of & How It Works? - Step By Step Guide

With the usage of sun rays, you will get electricity as well as solar power. From heat or fire, it changes to thermal management. Thereafter we use them in our regular lives. Therefore, you have this solar power technology. 

What is Solar PV Module?

Solar panels are one of the cleanest sources of energy. Through the positive usage of solar pv modules, you can reduce electricity bills as well as charge your battery bank and, on the other hand, can save natural sources like coal, nuclear power, natural gas, etc. Most rooftop solar panels are made of monocrystalline, polycrystalline, or thin-film “amorphous” Silicon. It is far better to make it alone. Don’t worry. We will tell you that. 

There are differences in solar panels. However, you can switch to any of them. 

  • monocrystalline solar panels
  • thin-film solar panels
  • polycrystalline solar panels

The manufacturing process is different, and so is their work. First, manufacturers buy natural elements such as Silicon, wafers, wires, metal, PV material, etc.

How Are Solar Panels Being Made?

Do you know the distinct layers of solar panels? There are layers, lies one after another. When the manufacturers start making solar panels, they start from the materials and then set up the frame.

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Don’t worry; I am here to tell you the ways of producing a crystalline solar panel.

1.   Sand

Natural beach sand is the main component of solar panels. Beach sand comes from Silicon, so it is available everywhere. Pure Silicon is a product from quartz sand at a high temperature. Using sand, you also go for solar panel repair.

2.    Ingots

Ingots have a specific shape. Generally, you can get it from rocks. Just it looks like a  cylindrical furnace. Boron is also melted with Silicon. It absorbs the sunlight and saves energy.

3.   Wafers

The manufactures put the ingots into a thin disc or glass-like sheet, and this is a wafer. Wafters have wires that connect other components. Generally, wafers transfer the heat into energy. Ingots stay inside and save energy. Many of the manufacturers put an anti-reflection coat on the wafers to stop reflection.

4.    Solar Cells

Solar cells are the central part that converts the heat into energy and also it shifts to panel. When sun rays are falling, the cells start consuming them. These cells store the energy. The conversion takes place in a continuous process. It will happen automatically. 

5.    Solar Panel

In the following discussions process, solar cells shift the energy into the solar panel. Solar cells and solar cells are shouldered together. After the first attempt, cells send the power to the solar panel. The solar panel is a thin layer approximately 6-7 mm. The manufacturers use EVA to bind the whole structure together.

6.   Factory To Home

When the whole process is done, it normally comes as electricity. Solar panels distribute the consumed thermal power and later, it comes as electricity. The entire process happens in its way. The entire process works like a marathon race. Researchers also came to the point that the solar system is the best way to reduce cost. You can also buy a solar panel repair kit, and your panel will get back to its previous stage.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels work in a way. All happens step by step. It is better to understand if I explain to you in points. So, let’s look forward to the steps. 

1.    Solar Panel

Solar panels consume the sunrays and then convert them into energy. First, the panel gets heated, and then it transforms into electricity. I have already told you, solar panels have silicon ingots. Specifically, it creates the free electron. So, it has a flow as it sends the energy to the doorstep.

2.   Solar Inverter converts DC To AC

DC means direct current. From the solar panel, the electricity comes as DC and connects the electrical cable. But at home, we need alternating current supply. So, solar inverters convert Dc to Ac, and then people can use the electricity.      

3.   Switchboard Roots

When DC transforms into Ac, it connects the switchboard roots. Multiple channels are associated with home appliances. First Ac comes to the switchboard and when people press on the switch’s electric comes in work. If your home is connected to the grid, the electricity directly hits the home appliances first. 

4.    Utility Meter for Record

When solar panels start working, you need to know how many units you are using and hope your home appliances are taking. When the system is already installed, people attach a utility meter. It keeps on tracking the electrical usage units. However, if it is connected to the grid, then the meter never comes into your meter.

5.   Grid Connection

The Distributed Network Service Provider or (DNSP) deals with the power distribution. You may see there are poles in the roads with a bunch of electric wires. These all connect the houses with electricity. But if you install solar panels only for your home, you do not need a grid.


Do you want to know about solar panel repair? It's easy; you have to buy kits. Then, you can directly contact the electricians. In the current world, countries are getting shifted to the solar power system. It saves cost and is also effective.

While you are paying hundreds of electricity bills, solar users are only paying the maintenance charge. So, now you judge and shift to the solar system and save money.
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I can’t believe how easy it is to install these panels! I had a friend who installed these panels and they were super easy to install. The best part is, they’re waterproof! I’ve been using Hydro-Blok shower wall panels for several years now and they’re a lifesaver!




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