Top 10 Laptop Brands in India and Buying Guide

For the last two years, the world has been battling the pandemic. Due to this Pandemic, the trend of working from home & Remote learning for students has increased significantly, and the demand for laptops has also increased considerably. Let us tell you that earlier, people used to buy laptops as a secondary option as most offices have a default computer setup, and studying in schools or colleges required only students to attend classes in person along with the teacher in a traditional classroom with a whiteboard or a blackboard. That's why people never used to buy a laptop earlier. But today, it has become a huge necessity with remote learning and working from home as people prefer highly demanding performance-oriented laptops. For this reason, they prefer reliable laptop companies like Apple, HP, Dell, etc.

Brief Description [Overview]

Laptops are in huge demand among three different types of people; let us explore below.

1. Working Professionals: Due to the pandemic, the culture of working from home has become increasingly common in many big companies. This has great benefits for both companies and professionals. For example, suppose companies get rid of office space. In that case, they can save much money on electricity bills, monthly office rentals, place, commute facilities, water and maintenance costs, etc. Working professionals also save money on commuting or unnecessary food expenses if they stay home, etc. At the same time, due to the employee's peace of mind when being with family, the company's productivity also increases simultaneously.

2. Students: Many schools in India have remained closed for most of the time during the last two years. Due to this, the trend of digital means of remote learning has increased significantly so much. In such a situation, it is quite a challenge for children to access education resources on a mobile phone for a long time; due to this, there has been a significant increase in the demand for laptops in the student community as well. At the same time, laptops have also been made mandatory for children in many private schools to access education and do remote learning by which students could react and engage with the teacher.

3. Travelers: The demand for laptops has also increased among people who like to travel more for their business, photography, or as a hobby. People who often travel to shoot photos or videos have their own needs to store and backup all the files on their Laptop computer, so a laptop has become necessary.

How to Buy a laptop?

If you are planning to buy a laptop, you should always buy it according to your needs while keeping all the basics in mind. like - 

1. RAM

    For better performance of any laptop, it is very important to have more RAM. Because nowadays, people's multitasking requirements have increased a lot, and all the apps have become very demanding, so the more RAM, the better.

    Just open five to eight chrome tabs and you will notice RAM usage spiking higher due to multiple processes and sites consuming more resources. If you are a Mac user, it is better to replace Google Chrome with Apple's own Safari browser; You will notice that Safari consumes a lot less RAM when browsing or streaming videos.

    If you want to do video editing or any other heavy work on your Laptop, then you should at least consider an 8 GB RAM Laptop.

    2. Storage

      It is important to have a good amount of storage in a laptop. With more storage, you will not need any external drive, and the performance of the Laptop will also be great. So, looking at the current time, buy a laptop with at least 500 GB to 1 TB of storage. If you are only going to store files, then cloud storage like Apple's iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive would be ideal. But if you plan to install many applications and programs, then a minimum of 500 GB will suffice.

      3. Processor

        If you are buying any laptop, it is very important to know its processor. Because that alone decides how much power or performance your Laptop has. Many processors like Intel, AMD, and Apple M1 iterations are available in the market today. But the most popular processor in India is Apple’s M1 processor, which was launched in October 2020. When Apple’s M1-powered MacBooks were introduced on the market, it completely stole Intel’s Core i5 Limelight and cast a spotlight on its own M1 Chipset. At the time of the launch, one of Intel's competitors in Desktop processors, Qualcomm, openly appreciated the performance prowess of Apple's M1 Chip which combines more performance and power efficiency for long-lasting battery life on laptops.

        4. Display

          Laptops ranging from 12 to 18 inches are available across the market today. If you are very fond of gaming or watching videos, etc., you can choose a 16-inch – 18-inch Laptop. Also, do note that the display of the Laptop should be a Retina Display which is most of all the MacBooks these days, or a minimum Full HD screen if it is a Windows laptop or a Chromebook. 

          5. Technical Specifications

            Whenever you buy a laptop, the box includes all the specifications right from RAM, Battery, Processor, Speaker system, and its iconic features, etc. Buy only a laptop after you are completely convinced of all its technical specifications. On the other hand, if you are prone to attending online meetings more, you also need a good camera on the Laptop. Please ensure all of that when you’re buying a new laptop.

            6. Laptop Price

              The most important thing while buying a laptop is your budget. Generally, some good laptops are available between 45 and 65 thousand in the market. But they all are powered by Intel Core i5 or Core i7 chipsets for the expensive laptops, which aren't great; if you need a much more powerful chipset in your Laptop and a longer-lasting battery life, then you must consider a MacBook with M1 Chipset, That cost you anywhere from 70K to 1.2 Lakhs for both the Air & Pro versions. 

              7. Operating System

                Today’s laptops come with many operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Linux, or Ubuntu, which are available for anyone to buy. But what most people usually go with will be a Windows Laptop and a MacBook that runs on Mac OS. You can choose between a windows laptop and a MacBook according to performance and battery life. If you need a laptop with a much faster performance and longer-lasting battery life, then Go with M1 MacBook.

                8. Warranty

                  Today every company has service centres in the cities that are near you. The one-year warranty is easily available on any laptop today. And, if you face any problems, you can immediately go to the nearest service center and check your Laptop. You will have to pay for the service if your warranty is not valid. Companies like Apple also let you purchase its Apple Care + service program that covers Accidental damages, Screen damage, and Battery repairs if the Battery's health has fallen significantly to less than 80%. 

                  9. How to Buy

                    Today's era may be very fond of Amazon and Flipkart, but still, most people in countries like India prefer to go to the store to buy laptops because it gives them much confidence. Companies like Apple also officially launched their Indian website, where Apple's Indian customers can directly purchase their favourite products like iPhones, AirPods, Macs, iPads, and accessories from the official Indian website, which is directly delivered to their homes. On the official Apple website, when someone buys their favourite Apple device, one can add engraving to their device or trade-in any supported model. They get to buy their favourite Apple products at significantly lower prices or a huge discount when they buy directly from Apple. 

                    Today if any customer buys a laptop and prefers to use it for at least the next 5 years. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that he choose a laptop from a trusted brand only. Please read below to find out more about the Top 10 Laptop Brands in India.

                    1. Apple

                      Apple is one of the most reliable and trusted laptop companies in the whole world. People from both India and around the world have liked the models of MacBook Air powered by M1 chip, MacBook Pro powered by M1 chip that also comes with a TouchBar strip to control the whole user experience of the MacBook, and the recently unveiled MacBook Air and Pro with M2 Chip on WWDC 2022 powered by macOS Ventura that elevates your user experience of the MacBook.

                      Customers in India prefer the Apple MacBooks because it gets longer macOS software updates, up to 6 years of minimum macOS updates based on past track record, and a much faster and more power-efficient processor than Windows, Linux, or Chromebook competitors that use incapable and underperforming Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek, AMD, or even Nvidia processors. While Windows, Linux, and Chromebook manufacturers struggle with sourcing faster and power-efficient chipsets like the M1 Chipset that are only exclusive to MacBooks, whereas an Apple MacBook with Apple's M1 line-up of chipsets stays relatively cool without overheating the Laptop and consumes a quarter of the power to deliver superior performance. These are the reasons why people remain loyal to Apple in India, choosing an Apple M1 MacBook as it gets a good 5 years of updates with significantly faster performance and lasts longer than any laptops that are powered by Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek, AMD, or even Nvidia processors making it the number one brand in India. 

                      2. Dell

                        Dell is a well-known computer company in the world. The company has a wide range of laptops ranging from low-budget to high-end laptops. People have liked various models of dell like the XPS 13, Inspiron range of laptops, and Vostro series.

                        3. HP

                          HP was started in America in 1939. To meet our daily needs, the company has launched more than one Laptop in both the mid-range and budget series. People are very fond of models like HP Envy, HP Pavilion, and Omen laptops.

                          4. Microsoft

                            People are fond of Microsoft's Surface Laptop Go Touchscreen laptops, Surface Book 2, and Surface Pro in India. Keeping in mind these students, Microsoft launched an affordable Surface Laptop SE laptop equipped with the latest technologies a few months back for a low cost. The Surface Laptop SE costs only 250$ and is specially made for students. 

                            5. Lenovo

                              Lenovo is also known for launching laptops from low range to high end. The company has launched Ideapad MIIX 310 for just Rs 17,490. While the price of ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 6 is around Rs 2.2 lakhs.

                              6. ASUS

                                Asus laptops have also gained a lot of popularity among the Indian Audience. People have liked and well-received the company's Vivobook X409JA-EK011T, Vivobook X540, and VivoBook 15 (X512). 

                                7. Xiaomi

                                  Xiaomi is a Chinese company. In the last few years, the company has launched more than one cheap or budget laptop targeting people working from home or remote learning, while its performance is quite high.

                                  8. MSI

                                    MSI is a Taiwanese company. The company has introduced many great models for game lovers. Its hardware and battery are quite sophisticated, even though that adds a lot of weight. People who are into gaming do not mind carrying the bulk of the huge weight in their bags.

                                    9. Samsung

                                      Many individuals have liked Samsung's Laptop a lot. People have liked models like the company's Galaxy Book 2, Galaxy Intel Chromebook, and the Chromebook.

                                      10. Acer

                                        Acer is also one of the Taiwanese companies right after MSI. Acer company is known for manufacturing PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Chromebooks, Tablets, etc. Acer company is known for making top-rated laptops on a low budget. People that are into Acer laptops prefer models like the company's Aspire 7, Nitro 5, and Extensa.

                                        Power backup for Laptops

                                        Most laptops come with a limited power backup due to its low capacity and with its power hungry apps, typically Most Laptops that lasts between 3 hours to 5 hours when they’re stressed comes with an Intel chipset or AMD Processor. At the same time, whereas an M1 MacBook, they usually come with a much higher power backup of around 18 to 22 hours. But Apple’s laptops are a little expensive and not everyone can buy them.

                                        Today, most of the power cuts affects people for a long time and have become very much common in every part of the country. People prefer to have inverter batteries as a power backup solution. But today's needs have become so precarious that having electricity 24x7 has become imperative.

                                        Because, if there is no electricity for an hour or two in normal life, then it will not make much difference, but if it happens when you are working with laptop then it becomes extremely difficult. In addition, the fans and lights are required to be turned on when you are working with the laptops as they come with overheating chipsets from Intel or AMD when stressed and most power demanding applications that will deplete your battery quickly in no time. Not to forget that, Most laptops don’t even have backlit keyboards so using the laptop in a dark room or during the night gets really hard, that you need fans and lights for optimal operation. This is not the same case when you have a M1 Macbook which comes with ARM Based Chipset which operates quietly without needing a fan and also it comes with a Backlit keyboard to operate even during dim lit conditions.

                                        Now working people do have an inverter, and if they just buy one solar panel, controller, and a solar stand to meet their basic needs and requirements, they will get around 24x7 electricity supply. With this one simple change, your dependency on government’s electricity or power supply will be greatly reduced, and you will never, ever have to face any problems in your office work. 

                                        You need to buy a Shark Solar Panel of 500 Watts from Loom Solar to run all the basic things like your laptop, fan, etc. For this, all you need to spend is around 35 to 40 thousand rupees.

                                        At the same time, if you want to make your home completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity, then you have to buy solar panels ranging from 3 KW to 5 KW, on which you can run your Water motor and heavy power demanding machines like AC, Washing machines, Fridge and dish washers etc. For this, all you will have to spend is around 2 lakhs to 6 lakhs rupees.

                                        But if you invest that much at once, you will be completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity for so many years, and you will be saving around thousands of rupees every month on electricity bills.

                                        You can also avail EMI.

                                        If you do not want to spend money to buy any kind of solar energy system in one go, you can also buy it on EMI, which can give you a lot of relief from stress on your monthly bills.

                                        What is special about Loom Solar

                                        Since Loom Solar's products are equipped with modern technologies and take a much better advantage of solar panels and batteries in terms of higher power generation and batteries that charges very quickly, it has the maximum power backup during the power outage. Because of this one reason, Loom Solar’s products are sold more quickly than other companies that are available in the market who find it hard to sell it. Our products are easily available across whole India.

                                        Because the products like batteries and solar panels of other companies are still using relatively older technology, you might not have any problem while buying them, but during the power outage you will find it hard to survive throughout the day or when you think about expanding them, then it will be highly likely impossible.

                                        Today is the day

                                        If you want to shift to solar, then this is the perfect time for it. Because if you wait any longer, it might be too late and you might have to spend more money for the same products that are available only for few thousands right now in the coming few years.


                                        Contact us if you want to install a solar energy system in your home. Our experts are always ready to assist you.


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                                        M. David Dzidzikashvili

                                        M. David Dzidzikashvili

                                        In todays world you need at least 16GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage, especially if you are a PhD student doing lots of RAM intensive work, utilizing statistical and other software/applications + MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint on a MS 64-bit Office – all these feed on RAM. And if you work from home you will also need to use the software that utilizes RAM (Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook). So 8GB is no longer the new minimum standard. I would say future proof yourself and go with as much ram as you can – start with 32GB.
                                        The another problem – Windows OS and brands like HP and Dell that I have seen too many times with few defective products right out of the box that needed fixing. And with Windows OS you might find a need to reinstall it every other year. The best Windows experience for me was the NT and XP SP3 :) If you can afford go with Mac OS or Linux.

                                        Samsung laptop

                                        Samsung laptop

                                        The buying guide you have provided here regarding how one can buy laptop brands in India is actually great. Thank you very much. The guide above is actually great and worth appreciation. Keep sharing this more and more!
                                        Samsung laptop

                                        Jessie  Satyanesan

                                        Jessie Satyanesan

                                        This is a very useful post especially the technical part. I am in the process of buying a laptop for my niece . She wants windows pre-installed and plans to load programs such as Python , Adobe etc. My budget is low around 30, I am looking at all options. I am checking Reliance digital . They have Acer at good price. J

                                        Budget laptop

                                        Budget laptop

                                        There are so many laptop brands that can be selected by people. One can choose according to their budget and need as well, whether they require business laptop, gaming laptop, or any other variety. Thanks for the above information.

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