Solar Panel Installation for Farmhouse

People have started to invest in land in remote areas instead of urban areas. They are building a farmhouse where one can go to spend some time in the lap of nature. The people who are investing money for farmhouses who already have homes, and invest for the reason of having a second home or luxury purposes.

Why Choose Solar Power?

Farmhouses are generally located in 20 to 25 km. from the urban city whereas there are two problems come, such as:

  • Remote area whereas electricity is not available, and
  • Grid Connection is available  in 2 to 3 km. of distance.

Main Benefits

Solar power is beneficial for both areas: remote and urban areas. Solar Power System will give the following benefits, such as: 

  • Continuous Power
  • No Dependency on Generator Set
  • No Pollution while Generating Electricity
  • Eco-friendly Product

Our Offering:

We are the Most Innovative Solar Technology Company, offer you the following solar solution, such as: 

  • Reliable Solar Products
  • 25 years Performance Warranty
  • Solar Consultancy
  • Perfect Installation
  • 7 Days Service Available

Why Loom Solar?

- India's No. 1 Solar Panel Company

- Category Leader of Mono Perc Solar Panel

- Provide Solar Finance, Installation & Service

- 50,000 Happy Home Owners (Home, School, Medical Clinic, Farmhouse, etc.) 

- 4,000 Resellers, 100 People Team, 2 Offices & 1 Manufacturing Plant

- Awarded by Amazon & Dainik Jagran 

Happy Customer:

"When I shift here, there was an electricity problem because this location is in a remote location from the city. There was no electricity in the winter season, so somehow I used my appliances in that season. Then I felt the need for a solar power system. My son-in-law researches solar panel systems via the internet then he finds LOOM SOLAR and now, my farmhouse has 7kW Shark Bifacial Solar Panel Systems and now, I am 70% satisfied with my solar system. 

- Meena Dutt, Nearby Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)

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