Solar Panel for New Construction

As solar energy is rapidly gaining traction in India, many new home buyers are making their future homes future-ready for solar. Solar technology has been greatly popular given its sheer economics. It is now more economical to install a solar system at your establishments especially for locations not connected with the grid. Installing a solar system results in massive savings in electricity bills and has an ROI of 4-5 years. The below article is targeted at new home buyers who currently account for just 1-2% of our audience but are expected to grow in size as time passes and also for electrical and construction engineers who are responsible for constructing new homes.

These points if kept in mind at the time of new construction could save a lot of headaches and extra effort at the time of actual installation of solar systems.


Future Prospective

Internal wiring connections at the time of new construction is important if you wish to install a solar system at your place in the future. The current construction in India creates minor issues for installers and in turn for solar customers. As the house does not have the required wiring infrastructure presently, it takes a longer time for installers to install. Another issue could be inadequate materials. The solar company usually sends a standard 12-15 feet length of wire which might not be sufficient and may lead to unnecessary chaos between the installer and customer leading to bad customer experience.

home electrical future plan

We, therefore, recommend keeping the following points in mind to make your homes solar-friendly. Like essential wiring is needed for the installation of ACs, inverter battery, dish cables, etc. similarly provision should be made for solar wiring.


  1. Air Conditioner Wire
  2. Inverter Battery Wire
  3. Dish Wire
  4. Solar Wire

7 Building Designing Tips

When you planning to build a building, there are few basic things must be suggest to building map engineer. According to your given inputs, they will design your home map.

energy efficient home deign

1. Rooftop Strength

rooftop strength

A solar system entails the installation of solar panels and solar stands which are heavy and thus the rooftop must be strong enough to withstand the weight. The rooftop must be at least 6 inches in depth so that the fastener can easily fit and do not damage the roof. A strong base on rooftops is necessary so that fasteners can fix properly.

2. Installation Direction

sun direction

The performance of the solar panels depends upon the direction in which these panels are placed. The best direction to face solar panels is south since here they receive the maximum sunlight. East and West directions also work well. North is the only direction that we should not want to put our panels on. Since India lies in the Northern Hemisphere, the south direction works best here. Also, make sure there are no obstacles to sunlight like tree shade, other high rising buildings, etc.


3. Wiring Connection

electrical wiring connection

A prospective buyer needs to have a two-inch diameter PVC pipe installed running right from the roof to the ground that houses both solar and earthing wire. Earthing connection needs to be at a distance of 1 meter from the wall. Today a standard house needs a 1- 5 kW solar system. In the current construction, the pipe is there but the depth of the pipe is not sufficient. It is recommended to have a two-inch wide pipe from rooftop to ground which will fit in all the wires. 

4. Stair Space

Stair Space

The staircase should have at least one-meter space width so solar installers can lift and move the panels easily.  A customer buys the solar system and the company delivers the same which is generally kept on the ground floor. But since the system is generally installed on the roof, the installers face difficulty in moving and lifting the panels up to the roof if sufficient space is not there.

5. Decide Exact Solution

Decide Exact Solution

The customer should decide between the off-grid and on-grid solutions. If he is looking for power backup in a commercial space as his main motive for installing solar he should go for an off-grid solar system but if his target is to reduce his monthly electricity bills he should probably choose an on-grid solar system.


6. Type of Wire Connection

Type of Wire Connection

It is generally seen that 1kW load sanction is normal for homes normal. If consumption increases, the buyer should install a three-phase meter. If the homeowner thinks his power consumption will increase in the future he should probably install a three-phase meter at his home.

7. Home Load Division

There should be a clear division of load. In the current construction, load division is not clear - there is AC connected in one phase and the balance home load in another phase, etc. This may cause irregularities. Hence home load division should be equal. Every phase should have equal wattage for the proper division of load.


Loom Solar is a leading solar company for the rooftop solar sector which helps those homeowners who build energy-efficient homes. The company is working towards making more than 30,000 homeowners across India including villages aware of solar energy. They are also helping in preparing solar plans for pre-build homes, farmhouses, schools, petrol pumps, medical clinics, and offices.


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Mats Wolff

Mats Wolff

I want to add solar panels to my home because I think it will be better for the environment. It was fascinating to see that the roofing needed to be at least 6 inches deep for the fastener to fit comfortably and not damage the roof. I appreciate your sharing your knowledge on solar panel design, and I’ll make sure to keep your suggestions in mind.

Sandeep Singh

Sandeep Singh

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