What are the Main Components of a Solar Panel?

Few years ago, the primary source of energy was coal, wood and biomass, and renewable energy was secondary. Now, the energy sources replace by renewable energy, such as solar energy, hydro & wind power. Solar energy is free and green energy which gets from the sun light at free of cost every day. Solar PV Module converts sun energy into electricity during the day. In this latest write up, you will learn about the main components of solar plates and in the last write up, you learn about the solar panel manufacturing process

Main Components of Solar PV Module

solar panel components

A solar pv module (solar panel) is made by 8 main components, below you will know one-by-one:

1. Solar Cells

solar cell

Solar cells are the building blocks of solar panels. Thousands of cells come together to form a solar panel. These Solar Cells are stringed together to make Solar Panels which involves soldering, encapsulating, mounting them on a metal frame, testing etc. The efficiency of a solar panel is directly proportionate to that of solar cells. The cost and efficiency of solar cells influence the overall performance of the solar panel. Solar Cell Efficiencies have improved continuously over the past decade.


Different materials used in making solar cells result in different efficiencies. Even different companies have conversion efficiencies which differ for the same technology. There are two types of solar cells - Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Solar Cells. Watch below video to know in details about solar cells making process!


2. Solar Glass

solar glass

Solar Glass is another important component of a solar panel. It is the outer most layer on the solar panel and has to be sturdy and shiny for better performance of the panel. The main function of solar glass is to protect the solar cells from harsh weather, dirt and dust. It is recommended to use tempered glass with 3mm - 4mmm thickness.

3. EVA


The EVA sheet or the ‘ethylene vinyl acetate’  is a highly transparent (plastic) layer used to encapsulate the cells. It provides laminated layering on top of the cells to hold them together.  It should be durable as well as tolerant to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity.

4. Back Sheet

Backsheet is the rear-most layer of the panel providing both mechanical protection and electrical insulation. It is essentially a protective layer.

5. Aluminum Frame

aluminum frame

The aluminum frame is also a crucial component as it provides structural strength to the panel. It is recommended to use a frame made of strong but lightweight material. It should be stiff and able to withstand extreme conditions like high wind and external forces. It generally comes in two makes - silver and anodised black.

6. Junction Box

mc4 connector

A junction box is fixed at the backside of the panel. It is the central point where cables interconnect with the panels.

7. Interconnector


Interconnectors help solar panels connect with one another. These should be extremely weather-resistant and should enable secure connections.

8. Silicon Glue

Silicon Glue

Silicon is the most commonly used adhesive in a solar panel. Silicon creates strong bonds and is resistant to chemicals, moisture, and weather conditions. Hence silicon glue is used for solar panels. It is also the most common semiconductor material.

Solar Panel Components Video


A solar panel system incurs a huge investment and hence it is advised to invest in the best quality. They also come with a 25-year warranty and hence it is important to check the quality and to know about each and every component that goes in its making. Buyers should be aware of the different parts involved in the making of a solar panel, their functions and how it works so that they are not fooled into buying sub-standard components.




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