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"One of our superior customer Mr. Vinod Kumar using Solar energy and see what he says"

My name is Vinod Kumar.  I live in Faridabad sector – 37 Haryana, U.P. I am a private employee and I work my complete work from home, I have complete work station at my home to make complete my work. I was paying Rs.10 per unit of electricity bill that was too high. As well there were power cut also, which hampers my work a lot. As well I was using Generator to keep continue on my work but that was not good idea in terms of noise disturbance, nature pollution etc.

Just before two days I have installed solar panels at my home; It is providing me continuous power back up at my home with many benefits like:-

  • Noise Free
  • Pollution Free
  • Continuous power back up
  • Safe atmosphere with pure and renewable solar energy

    It’s my experience with Solar, I will highly recommend to many of my friends to take benefits of solar system. As now I am able to save my electricity bills with continuous power backup.

  says "Thanks to Mr. Vinod Kumar  to use Solar energy to take a positive step for saving 'OUREARTH'. 

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