Can Microgrid replace Generators in the C&I Sector?

With rising popularity of solar energy, more sectors are now open to going solar. While opportunities in the residential sector are ample, but response is tepid because of lack of subsidies, therefore more opportunities have cropped up in the Commercial and Industrial sector in 2022. The country witnessed higher growth in the Commercial as well as Industrial sectors.

There has been an increasing demand for installing solar by the rising MSME sector in India such as Marriage halls, hotels, schools, small manufacturing plants, ice cream factory, showroom, etc. Most of the MSME companies are located in rural India, parts of which still suffer from power cuts, lack of proper electrification, rising cost of diesel, and higher electricity bills. As solar power gained traction, this sector of the society also came forward to embrace solar with the primary objective of reducing reliance on the power grid and to lower its electricity bills. This article aims to help these MSMEs who are looking online for solar solutions.

How to find micro grid business opportunity?

micro grid oppurtunity in india

India is a land of rising sun, and with government’s push towards using renewable sources of power, people have come forward and started the concept of micro grid in small towns and villages. A microgrid can be installed in commercial establishments who are using generators above 10 kW. Many of these commercial establishments use high tension connection having high fixed charges. Places like marriage halls do not need electricity for all 12 months and are hence finding it difficult to meet these fixed costs. Solar comes in handy in such situations. They need centralized air conditioners, lifts, etc. which use three-phase connection. Other requirements like CCTV also need 24*7 power supply. Hence the average load works out to be 45 kW (75 kVA generator).

Power Sources

solar panels

There are different power sources which one can use according to his needs and priority. These include power grid, solar energy, generator, inverter battery. One can start with installing a solar system and can also use the power grid if necessary. They can also use Inverter Battery and Generator for power storage and backup.

Battery less inverter is a new and better technology as well as expandable. It is a hybrid technology and can run on solar, wind, or any other power source. Inverter, battery can also be added later.


micro grid benefits

The microgrid system has many advantages. A user can export extra electricity produced by his solar system to the grid (micro) and claim a credit in his electricity bill. Suppose his consumption is 5kW, and generation is 40kW, then 35kW electricity will be fed to the national grid via net meter. In another scenario, if consumption is higher, say 70kW and generation is 45kW, then 25kW can be imported from the national grid. Overall, the consumer is not required to pay for the 25kW, because he / she has already exported extra electricity into national grid for which he can claim a credit.

The main challenge is if the consumer does not use exported electricity annually, then electricity department does not pay any amount. So, the consumer must use exported electricity before bill adjustment date. Please note the bill adjustment date in India is March month of every financial year. In simple words, a consumer will not receive any cheque for electricity exported to the grid, he can only adjust the amount against the amount he is due to pay to the department.

Micro Grid Installation Company in India

micro grid solar installation company

Loom Solar is gaining popularity in the internet space in India. The company has a good network across the country and is successfully partnering with people to bring solar solutions for their power needs. The company has garnered good experience in e-commerce business in India. Loom Solar has successfully installed 100 kW micro grid for 15,000 sq. guz. commercial areas in Patna, Bihar. The complete information of this project, you can get though video: Watch now:


An investment of micro grid installation is Rs.1,00,000 per kW and total spending for 100kW micro grid installation is Rs.1 crore. With solar, the initial investment is heavy but a consumer can square off all his investment amount with savings on his monthly electricity bill which can come down to zero. Do not worry, Solar finance is available on such type of rooftop solar projects and Loom Solar has partnered with several leading financial institutions of the country to help its customers get the financing options. You can get more details of solar loan from here:


The best way to install solar system is to book engineer visits on Our engineer will visit your site and understand your purpose, check feasibility, and give appropriate solution at competitive rates. So, what are you waiting for, book one today! 

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