Loom Solar Launches India’s Widest Array of Solar Solutions at REI Expo

India’s leading solar tech start-up, Loom Solar under its initiative Mission- Zero Emission launched a series of innovative and India first solar solutions today at REI Expo 2023. These include India’s one of the highest capacity solar modules Shark 575 -700 W TOPCon bifacial 16 bus bar,  IoT based energy storage solution Atlanta 5kWh-45 kWh, high frequency solar inverter Fusion 3kW - 100kW and customisable small solar panels for government & DIY projects that need design aesthetics.

These solution offerings dovetail with Loom Solar’s larger vision to provide industry best solar solutions for residential, commercial, Industrial, agricultural and other use case applications. Loom Solar has been consistently working on the research and development of green power technology along with the global standards while ensuring that the technologically advanced innovative solar solutions help in reducing dependence on grid and other alternate power generation sources like diesel generators. With company’s current installed capacity to generate 2,25,000 GW+ units in its lifetime, is a step towards more resilient India aiming for its Net Zero goals. 

To support the solar adoption, under its existing Mission- Zero Emission, Loom Solar has chosen 3 core frameworks – firstly facilitation of faster solar loan and/or availing solar subsidy, secondly innovation at product and solutions level, and thirdly distribution- access and touchpoints.

Speaking on the occasion, Nishi Chandra, Head Marketing, Loom Solar said, “India is today driving and delivering green energy solutions that have capabilities to reduce carbon footprint and help reduce impact on climate change. With our Mission - Zero Emission, we aim to make the difference by contributing to nation’s larger goal of reducing the carbon footprint at the home and office level. Focusing on the same, today we have launched an array of solar solutions that are future ready and well aligned to address the growing power needs of our customers.”

Loom Solar’s Shark 575 - 700W TOPCon bifacial 16 bus bar solar module is a next gen most advanced technology designed to suit the need of more power in lesser space. The TOPCon technology i.e.Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact is next generation of solar cell technology allowing it to have higher efficiency than previous technologies, lower degeneration, lower temperature coefficient making it capable to deliver under tough weather conditions, low light performance and better bifacial factor.

IoT based seamless power backup solutions by Loom Solar like Atlanta 5kW-45kW is designed to assist critical and generic energy needs for IT, ITES, hospitals, SMEs MSMEs besides other commercial and residential applications. 

To regulate power via various sources in a much more efficient way, solar inverter Fusion 3kW - 100 kW works 24x7 ensuring customers energy needs are met constantly. 

With India aiming at 500 GW of power generation through renewable energy solutions, Loom  solar is playing an important role for its most advanced technology availability with ease of use  quick installation capabilities along with its strategically aligned warehouses and over 3500 retail partners across the country allowing customers to increase the capacity as and when needed.

About Loom Solar

Headquartered in Faridabad, Haryana, India, Loom Solar Pvt Ltd is one of the fastest evolving solar-technology start-up that continues to innovate in residential solar space. Founded in 2018, the organisation has kept itself ahead of the curve introducing products like mono solar panels; grid connected AC Modules, shark bifacial in shark series etc.  An ISO 9001-2015 certified company recognised by Govt. of India offers the widest range of solar panels from 10 watt ~ 700 watt and has a manufacturing unit in Haryana confirming the ‘Make in India’ mission. Besides presence across 500 districts with over 3500 resellers, Loom Solar is embracing ‘Digital India’, with its products easily available across India and on ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and www.loomsolar.com

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