Is Farming and Solar Panels Good Together?

There are more and more solar panels are installed in the farmlands. But these much solar panels require land and this may decrease the farming land and due to this the food supply may affect. With the proper advertise and awareness the farmers are now start learning to how to farming with solar panels.

Farming and Solar Panels Good Together

For the install solar panels in the fertilize land has simple solution. First option is to install solar panels few feet above the land and it can be used to graze animals to utilize land.


Installing the solar panels in the farm can cost more but it increasing efficiency. The research is ongoing on to grow the plants under the solar panels and this can improve the solar cell efficiency as it creates the cooling microclimate.


For the growing of edible crops for humans it is hard to hoe. First problem is the limitation in width and height of solar panels and also it is hard to use farm equipment. If the above problem can be solved, it is hard to choose crops that can grow easily in the shade.


This is very unique and environment friendly idea of farming and electricity generation both can do together. Main idea of this to make farm more sustainable and economical for farmers.


Loom Solar has started as startup in 2018 and today they are India’s leading Mono crystalline Solar Panel manufacturer. We have an excellent idea to install solar panels in the farm without disturbing the production of the crops.


Also, there is research ongoing on the bifacial solar panels. The purpose of the bifacial solar panel is it converts solar energy reflect from the ground. Researches are also planning to implement this on different types of grounds with crops planted.

Is Solar Panels & Farming Possible?

The concept of solar panels installed in farm known as agrophotovoltaics (APV) was introduced by physicist Adolf Goetzberger three decades ago. When we think if this concept of solar panel and farming is possible or not, there is research conducted where potatoes, wheat, celeriac and clover grass are planted with and without solar panels. Result of this is there is decrease in production from 5.3 to 19 percent with solar panels. But with the solar panels the produced electricity powers crop processing plant and other equipment and it increase the farm efficiency by 60 percent.  


This is all depends on the researches when they will finish this to install solar panels in agriculture land but if all goes according to schedule it will be seen in the farm. The purpose of this concept is to put back the carbon in the soil and observe how the land is react on like infiltration of storm water, microclimate, density of grass due to solar panels.


The human presence is also required in this concept. This new installation requires an experienced engineer or technician who become mediator between farmer, the researchers and manufacturers of solar panels. The worker or technician is presence only for starting phase. He or she will help the farmer for agricultural planning and how to use resources. 


The purpose of the human presence is to creating the best opportunities for farmers and create new farming technique with solar panel. The solar panel can install in open farm land where the crop is not growing. Farmer can utilize this space by installing the solar panels in the space to generate electricity from this.


Now if you are thinking that country like India is it possible to install solar panels in the open land? India has lowest solar power electricity generation cost in the world. There is largest single location power plant in the world is in Bhadla Solar Park, India.


India is fastest growing in electricity generation through solar panels in the world and to reach the demand there are lots of solar panel manufacturer in the country.

What are the Limitations of Farming with Solar Panel?

For the concept of solar panel in the farm has some limitations. There are limited crops that are grown under the solar panels and these crops are harvest by hand or with small machinery.


Crops which can easily grow in shade like pollinator crops, bedding plants, nursery crops, small statured fruit trees or shrubs and vegetables are the options. Also, the small to medium size livestock like most cattle breeds and non draft breeds of horses are suitable for this.


According to researchers the conventional heights of solar panel is good for sheep grazing and the elevated panels are good for grow crops.


Amrutlal parsotamdas Patel

Amrutlal parsotamdas Patel

I want to install solar panel in my agi land of 2 vigha ln mehsana district.



I have 2 Acres agriculture land, I want to install solar in can u help me on that and what will be the cost?

Sammy Mutua

Sammy Mutua

I have a tree nursery- please confirm if this technology can be applied in production of different variety of tree seedlings .



I have 5 Acres agriculture land, I want to install solar in 5acres can u help me on that and what will be the cost?



I have one acre farm land is it possible to install agrivoltic solar panels, how much cost it will be?

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