How to Download Bank Statement?

Everyone in this world owns a bank account and we all do so many transactions from our bank accounts be it online or offline. But to keep a track of our financial expenditure we are required to have our bank statements or account statement for a better financial planning.

What is a bank statement?

A bank statement or an account statement is an official document from an individual’s bank which holds all the transactions that are made in a month. The bank statements can be customised for any date till the recent date. The bank statement contains all the detailed lists of deposits and withdrawals from source account to the end account.

What are the benefits of bank statements?

Bank statements are important documents that can alert the account holder for any error or fraud that has occurred, and the individual is not aware of that fraud. It can also be beneficial for those who has taken some type of a loan and are planning to be more financially stable, as the bank statements can highlight the unwanted/unnecessary transactions.

*(An account holder must verify their statements at a certain period to check for any errors or fraud.)

What are the requirements for a bank statement?

The requirements are basic, as the individual must have the information like bank name and address and the personal information of the account holder. Apart from the bank statements, an individual can also fill the passbook of the account to know about the bank statements.

How can I get a bank statement?

There are basically two ways to get the bank statement. You can get the bank statements in online and offline modes. The online mode requires an individual to submit their online banking username and password to login into and then select account summary and then bank statements and select the period.

In offline mode the individual is required to go to the bank and submit the passbook into the passbook machine. The machine will read the passbook details and will start writing the banking statements in the passbook.

What is the difference between a bank statement and a transaction history?

A bank statement is basically a compiled record of all the transactions of a certain period whereas, a transaction history is the history of a certain transaction or some transactions of a period with all the details about the transactions like the time, place, source account, end account, etc.

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It is advised by all the bank companies for their account holders to check their bank statements within a certain period to stay aware of their financial history and of any errors and frauds. We hope that our article has provided you the information that you were looking for. To know more about interesting facts and articles keep reading our articles and keep following us.

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