How to Buy Solar Street Light?

Some remote areas such as hill areas of Himachal Pradesh and Assam, College Campus, National Highway Roads, Parking Areas, Public Places in Villages such as Temples, Rivers,  etc. do not get appropriate electricity as they are connected with the grid. Solar street light is a boon for such places. It offers a perfect solution for the illumination of streets & squares and cross roads located in areas that are not connected to the power grid.

What is Street Light?

solar street light

Street Lighting System is a lighting system for the illumination of streets, roads, squares and common public areas. It uses the sun's light to work.

5 Major Problems in Solar Street Light Industry?

solar street light problems

1. Investment: Street lighting systems are installed only through government tenders. In this case, people have to invest first, and will receive the benefits after 5-6 months which acts as a roadblock for most of the people.


2. Safety: Street lights are installed on roads and public places where theft, damage, and maintenance are a few major concerns. Hence, people do not want to commit to this ongoing maintenance affair.


3. Service & Maintenance: Street light has at least five years’ warranty, hence it needs to be visited every one-two months for regular check-up.


4. Information: Any new person interested in entering the solar street lighting system is not able to easily find tender information and is unable to start the business.


5. Pricing: Street Light Bidders set their price at a very low level. Not only that, street light vendors also give service and maintenance in this pricing. The low pricing makes it unattractive to prospective entrepreneurs.


Solar Street Light in Private Sectors

solar street light

Private Sector include School, College, Hospital, Garden, Park, Home Outdoor, etc. People also install street lights at these establishments.

Indian Street Light Industry Overview, 2021

solar street light highlights

Solar Street Lights are finding an increasing use in today’s world. It is an application of Solar energy which has gained popularity, owing to the rising electricity costs. Solar Street lights can be seen along the sides of roads. Solar Street Light receives the sunlight during daytime through which they light up during the night time. 

Difference between Street Light & Solar Street Light


Street Light: The primary component of street light is sodium vapor lamps, LED Lights. 


Solar Street Light: The complete set of solar panels, batteries, lights, controllers, and poles. The system is controlled by a controller with automatic ON/OFF time switch, which controls the light from dusk till morning or other setting time.


Unlike the conventional street lights, there are no wires associated with the solar street lights and so there is less risk of accidents. The solar lights are an environment friendly way of lighting up the streets. There is no pollution and is more energy saving. Solar street light is independent of the power grid. The cost is much lower as compared to electricity costs. The maintenance associated with solar lights are very less as compared to the other street lights.

Types of Solar Street Light

Fully Integrated - A Fully integrated street light is also known as All in one Light. It is a completely built up light where all components are inbuilt except for the pole.

Split Solar Street Light - In a Split Solar Light all components are separate and need assembly. Lead Acid batteries are used in these types of lights.

Semi-Integrated - A Semi-integrated Light comes fitted with the battery and light. However, the Solar Panel and Pole needs to be fitted. 

Component of Solar Street Light

1. Solar Panel: Mono PERC Panel - 75W
2. Charge Controller: MPPT Charge Controller 
3. Battery: Lithium Phosphate – 6Ah, 12Ah, 18Ah, 24Ah, & 30Ah – 5 years warranty
4. Dust Down Sensor - to make the light automatically switch on and off.
5. LED Luminaire: 20Watt (32 LEDs)

How to choose street light?

how to choose solar street light

Step 1: Decide Installation Area where you want to install? Such as Garden, Home Outdoor, High Way Road, Parking Area, etc.


Step 2: Decide Purpose of Light in installation area. If you need maximum light, you can choose maximum wattages of LED light.


Step 3: Choose the Durable Product. If you are buy solar street light for government tenders, you must install most durable solar street light. The service of solar street light is not essay. Most of solar street lights installation in remote and rural areas.


Our recommendation of solar street light is Solar Panel should be Mono PERC Technology that will be work in low light & cloudy weather, Battery should be Lithium Phosphate that's warranty is upto 5 years, Charge Controller should be MPPT Technology, Light should be LED Lights & Poles should be strong and durable.

How does Street Light Works?

components of solar street light

The solar energy from the sun is absorbed by the photovoltaic cells/ panels on the street lights and are stored in the rechargeable battery, after converting the solar energy into electrical energy. During the night time, this energy lights up the lamp on the street lights. Again the next day the battery gets recharged. This is the working principle of the solar street lights.

Difference between Traditional & New Design Solar Street Light

 Most of solar street light has installed in traditional design. Some of solar street light manufactures has improved its quality and design. Here are some of basic difference between traditional design & new design solar street light.


Traditional Design

New Design


Straight Design

J – Curve Design


SMF Battery

Lithium Phosphate Battery



LED Lights – 20W

Solar Panel

Poly Crystalline Solar Panel

Mono PERC Solar Panel

Charge Controller




2 years

5 years



MNRE Approved


Less Price




IP67 Water Proof

Street Light Price in India

The product range of street light starts from 20Watt to 120Watt and its price starts  from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 90,000 including all expenses. You can find below the price list of solar street light.


20Watt Solar Street Light


30Watt Solar Street Light


40Watt Solar Street Light


60Watt Solar Street Light


80Watt Solar Street Light


100Watt Solar Street Light


120Watt Solar Street Light


Solar Street Light Manufacturers in India

1. Philips Led Street Light

Philips solar street lights

Philips offers integrated solar street light with Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery, solar panel and charger. It uses pressure die cast aluminum for sturdiness and long life and a specially designed pole mounting bracket that allows different tilt angles. It can be conveniently used on roads, parks and pedestrians, shopping centers, industries, offices, schools and rural areas.

2. Havells Street Light


Havells solar street light can be installed at Railway stations, retail warehouses, panchayats, office campuses etc. The company offers a complete system with luminaire, solar panels, batteries, poles and battery boxes.

3. Crompton Led Street Light

Crompton street light

Crompton led street light uses high efficiency LEDs, long lasting lithium ferro battery, high efficiency monocrystalline panel and MPPT charge controller, placed inside an aluminum body. 

4. Bajaj Street Lights

bajaj street light

Bajaj Electricals has an  independent and dedicated solar wing - Sunsoko. Its wide range of street light products includes Solar Street Light, Solar Street Light with Decorative Poles, Solar Semi High Mast, Centralised Solar Street Light, etc.

5. Wipro LED Street Light

wipro solar street light

Wipro provides a vast range of LED luminaires. Wipro LED street light systems are versatile and can be managed and monitored conveniently. The company offers 11 different street lights such as Skyline Plus (18W-25W), 35W, Skyline LED (25W-45W).


The Street Light LED options are high on energy savings and offer the right illumination to ensure smooth flow of the traffic. If you haven’t yet made that switch to LED solar street lights, you can do so today. You can have them installed anywhere. Installing solar LED lights can be helpful at spots that need proper lighting such as parking lots for the safety of your vehicles. Loom Solar is a street light service provider in India that provides solar street solutions for government tenders, personal use, etc.


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