Is It Worth Investing in Lithium Batteries at the Current Price in India?

Battery is an essential component when it comes to back-up for energy. Given sustainability and green energy being core focus, there is an essential need to switch from lead acid batteries to Lithium batteries. As there is a lot happening in the Lithium batteries space in India, there is an important need to understand this more deeply. 

Perfect Energy Storage

2 times battery life, consumes 50% less space, needs no maintenance & takes 60% less recharge time

There are multiple applications that will find use case for Lithium batteries:

  • Commercial applications like telecom sector, data warehouses, energy storage systems, heavy solar applications etc. 
  • Mobility applications like electric vehicles including passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, two wheelers, three wheelers etc.
  • Residential applications like rooftop solar solutions etc.
  • Agriculture /Farming applications - like fisheries, hydroponics, aquaponics etc.

How much is the cost of Lithium Battery in India?

The average price of a lithium battery in India is Rs. 25 per watt-hour including delivery at your doorstep. Below is the latest price list of CAML Series introduced by LOOM SOLAR, such as:

Capacity Cost (Rs.)
CAML 6Ah / 75Wh ₹ 2,250
CAML 12Ah / 150Wh ₹ 4,500
CAML 20Ah / 250Wh ₹ 7,500
CAML 40Ah - 12.5V / 500Wh ₹ 15,000
CAML 20Ah - 48V / 480Wh ₹ 30,000
CAML 40Ah - 12V / 1920Wh ₹ 60,000
CAML 100Ah - 48V / 5000Wh ₹ 1,50,000

What is the main use of Lithium batteries?

The lithium battery is also known as a Multi-Purpose battery and future generation battery. We have been using lithium batteries for a long time in our mobiles, laptops, electronic toys, drone, mobile towers, and so many other applications. With rapidly changing technology in the power sector and transport industry, the demand for lithium batteries is growing and holds a bright future. Many lithium battery manufacturers across the world are working on bringing innovation in this space. They are designing this battery for home inverters, electric vehicles, and much more. Some of the popular consumer applications of lithium batteries are:

  1. Electric Vehicles - Electric Cycle, Scooty, Car, E-rickshaw
  2. Home Lighting Systems 
  3. Street lights
  4. Power Storage for Home and Office

What is BMS?

A BMS stands for Battery Management System. It is an electronic device that controls battery charging, discharging, overcharging, and other safety parameters. A lithium battery is a collection of multiple lithium cells. A single cell of lithium battery is 3.2V and when we want to make a lithium battery for 12V applications, it has no. of 4 * 3.2 V lithium cells.

How to calculate Backup Time of Lithium Battery?

The backup time calculation of any lithium battery depends on the power consumption. Let’s understand with one example,

Suppose, if you install Loom Solar’s CAML 100Ah / 5000Wh battery in your home or office, and your continuous power consumption is 400W. Then your battery can run for upto 12 hours. Refer the calculation below:

Power Storage: 5000Wh

Consumption 400W

Backup Time = Power Storage x Battery Efficiency / Continuation Power Consumption   

                      = 5000Wh x 95% / 400W

                      = 4750Wh / 400W

                      = 11.87 Hours (Approx. 12 Hrs.)

How can I calculate the Charging Time of Lithium Battery?

The charging time of the lithium battery depends on the charger, inverter, and solar panel’s output. Average charging time of any lithium-ion battery is 4 to 5 hrs. But charging time can vary depending on charging sources.

How can I check if the battery is charging or not?

Loom Solar has introduced multi-purpose batteries that have some special features that make it unique from the existing lithium batteries in the Indian market, such as:

1. Compact Size: Currently, Lithium batteries are available in the market in a blue cover. Loom Solar has designed its CAML battery series in an environment friendly plastic and metal container that is much strong and durable product. If you plan to buy lithium batteries for your electric vehicles to convert old diesel/petrol vehicles into electric, you can share your customize size. Loom Solar has chosen to provide lithium batteries in custom sizes.  

2. IoT Based: Its is time is to use smart gadgets that can be controlled remotely and monitor performance on mobile phones. This feature is also available for the newly introduced CAML lithium batteries.

3. Battery level identification: CAML 100Ah has a battery level indicator, you can check the battery level on the battery at any time you desire.

What is the Warranty of Lithium Battery?

A lithium battery has double life than a lead-acid battery (normal, SMF, and solar battery). The average charging cycle of a lithium battery is 1500 to 2000 times. This means the lithium battery can charge and discharge 2000 times. According to this calculation, this battery will run 6 to 10 years whereas a normal lead acid battery runs 3 to 6 years.  

Where can I buy lithium batteries online?

Hope you got the information you were looking for lithium batteries. If you are planning to buy lithium batteries for the home lighting system, convert an old electric bike/scooter, and home inverter, you can buy a lithium battery online here.


Lithium Battery Store

Lithium Battery Store

After reading this Blog I can say Lithium batteries are more reliable than a lead-acid battery. In near future Lithium batteries could make difference in transport, Home Lighting Systems, Street lights, and Power Storage for Home and Office. keep posting blogs.



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