Hot & Cold ACs for All Seasons in India

A new technology for an air conditioner is ‘All Weather AC’. It is also known as Hot and Cold AC or All Season AC. The main reason to buy this ac is due to the climate change. People are using AC in Summer season and heater in Winter season. The utilization of AC is only 5-6 months, after that heater is used for 2-3 months. AC companies have identified this problem and has introduce ‘The All Weather AC’ in India, which works in both the seasons Summer and Winter. Almost all AC companies SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, LG, DAIKIN, HITACHI are not manufacturing HOT & COLD AC.

Generally, this AC is available in Split type with a minimum of 4 star rating along with the inverter technology. The price of Hot & Cold AC for All Seasons ranges from Rs. 40,000 to 70,000 depending on some factors such as ISER Rating, star rating, manufacturing brand, brand’s technology, etc.

Power Backup Solution for Runing ACs

Do you want to run your AC during amid the power cuts? I think, your answer would be YES. Let’s know… ‘Loom Solar’ has introduced ‘Atlanta Power Backup Solution’ which can run your AC along with your other home appliances such as 10 Lights, 4-5 Fans, Double Door Refrigerator, 50 to 75-inch TVs, 1 hp Water Pump, Washing Machine, and many more. Atlanta is the complete power backup solution which has a 5kWh (5000W) battery and a 5kW inverter capacity. This is standard solution, but you can customize your power backup solution which will be based on you required power backup time and power consumption capacity. Let’s have a look on Atlanta power backup solution.

Generate Own Electricity from Your Idle Roof

Today, most of the consumers want to reduce their electricity bill of home and business, but do you know how? Don’t worry, Loom Solar has answer to this problem. Loom Solar provides a variety of options to choose from the best solar solutions for your home and business. We recommend you to follow these 5 steps to reduce your electricity bills every month. Given below are the steps explained with help of infographics –

how to reduce electricity bill

Here are some consumer testimonials where our consumers have explained how they are reducing their electricity bill and generating their own electricity from the best solar panels manufactured by Loom Solar.

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