The Best Way to Generate Your Own Electricity

In these times of heavy rains and flooding in North India. It becomes utmost important to have a reliable power source, for without that life will come to a standstill. Everyone needs a continuous power supply to power at least lights, fans, coolers, etc. so thar our daily life runs comfortably without any disturbance. In these times of rising prices, people are also looking for affordable solutions. Solar energy is becoming increasingly mainstream these days. Solar panels are such products that are capable of generating power from solar energy. If people look at these solar systems and install the relevant size their lives would be easier.

Perfect Solar Solution in India

A solar system typically consists of solar panels, battery, inverter, BOS, etc. The size of the solar system depends upon your power needs. So in this article, we will take a look at different sizes of solar systems for all your different power needs:

a. For Running Water Pump

For running water pump including basic appliances: If you wish to run basic appliances in your home and also want to run a water pump, you will need four solar panels (Loom Solar 445W/550W Monofacial / Bifacial * 4), 2550VA Solar Inverter, two batteries (2 * 150Ah Solar Battery), Panel Stand, DC Wire, DC MCB. This system will cost you around Rs. 2,00,000. You can also opt for instalment payments with each EMI starting at Rs. 6,691 for 36 months.

Solar Products Specification
1. Solar Panels SHARK 445W * 4
2. Solar Inverter 2500VA * 1
3. Solar Battery 150Ah * 2
4. Panel Stand 4 Panel Stand
5. DC Wire 6 Sq. mm. DC Wire
6. Installation Kit PVC Pipe, DC MCB, Cable Tie, etc.

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b. For AC

For running large homes where AC, Water Pump, and All Basic Appliances: If you have a large home, and want to run basic appliances, Air-conditioners, water pump, etc. you will need ten solar panels (Loom Solar 445W/550W Monofacial / Bifacial * 10), 5kW Solar Inverter, four batteries (4* 150Ah Solar Battery or 1 * CAML10048 Lithium Battery), Panel Stand, DC Wire, DC MCB. This system will cost you around Rs. 5,00,000. You can also opt for instalment payments with each EMI starting at Rs. 11,241 for 60 months.

Solar Products Specification
1. Solar Panels SHARK 445W * 10
2. Solar Inverter FUSION5kW * 1
3. Solar Battery CAML10048 * 1 or 150Ah * 4
4. Panel Stand 10 Panel Stand
5. Wire 6 Sq. mm. DC Wire, 2.5 sq. mm. AC Wire
6. Combiner Box DCDB & ACDB
7. Safety Kit Earthing Kit, Lithing Arrestor
8. Installation Kit PVC Pipe, DC MCB, Cable Tie, etc.

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c. For Lights & Fans

For Inverter Battery Charging: you will need three solar panels (Loom Solar 225W * 3 Solar Panels) and 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller, Panel Stand and DC Wire. This will cost you around Rs. 60,000 and EMI starts at Rs. 5,345/M for 6 months.

Solar Products Specification
1. Solar Panels SHARK 225W * 3
2. Solar Inverter 1300VA * 1
3. Solar Battery 150Ah * 1
4. Panel Stand 3 Panel Stand
5. DC Wire 4 Sq. mm. DC Wire
6. Installation Kit PVC Pipe, DC MCB, Cable Tie, etc.

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Trusted Solar Manufacturers in India

Loom Solar provides the latest technology solar panel - Mono PERC/TopCon PV modules which generates electricity in low light and cloudy weather. We can store the electricity in the battery bank and can use it to run any electrical appliances when we want. We also provide the latest technology battery - Lithium Battery which charges 100% in 3-4 hours. Other benefits include low maintenance, light weight, and can be expandable, etc. Loom Solar also provides high frequency solar inverter in off grid, on grid and hybrid category. We can also arrange for financing facilities/ solar loan facility so that consumers can install solar system on lower investment hassle-free.


If you are living in areas that has little or no grid connectivity or want to reduce reliance on the grid as is the case these days with rising level of rainfall, you need to make a transition to solar energy. This will not only reduce your electricity bills but will also reduce your carbon footprint and reduce reliance on the grid. So what are you waiting for. Contact Loom Solar for all your solar power needs.





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