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I want to Install Solar Panel for Home What can I Do?

Loom is the India’s premium solar brand store, you can contact with us by call, email, WhatsApp, chat, etc.

Why do I Buy from Loom

What are the Use of Solar Panels?

There are three main purpose to buy solar panel for 1-3 BHK home, Agriculture, Industrial & commercial Use, such as:

  1. If electricity bill is coming maximum, then you want to reduce electricity bill is Zero.
  2. If electricity is not available in your home, or maximum power cut or to generate electricity bill 24*7, and
  3. Investment, in case you are looking to grow your money, it is better to do investment in solar, Bank FD @ 6%, Share market investment – 15%, in solar, the ROI period is 5 years, i.e. you get money back in 5 years, and for next 20 years, electricity is free.

What are Your Purpose to Buy Solar Panel?

I want to free electricity bill.

How much Your Electricity Bill is Coming?

My electricity bill is coming approx.  Rs. 3000.00/month.

Is Battery is Required for Storage in this Solar System?

There are two types of solar system, such as:

  1. For Day: It is on grid solar system.
  2. For Storage: It is off grid solar system.

How Much Cost of Solar System?

5 lacks, you should have pay amount only 20%, and 80% on delivery and installation.

What will I do for Solar System Service?

We offer

5 years replacement warranty, within 5 years, any thing will damage respected brands can replace.

There are two types of service, such as 

  1. If you buy from our store, you can call on our Toll Free Number: 8750 77 88 00
  2. If you buy on Luminous brand, you can call on Luminous Toll free Number, within 24 hours, engineer will reach near you.

What are the Solar System Life / Warranty?

  1. Solar Inverters – 25 years
  2. Solar Panels – 25 years
  3. Solar Batteries – 5 years, but it’s life will up to 10 years.


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