DHBVN Electricity Bill: View, Pay & Reduce Electricity Bill

DHBVN or Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam, is the state-owned power distribution company of Haryana. The grid power that we consume and the payment we make is to DHBVN. The company is responsible for generating grid electricity, distributing the same and billing consumers for their usage. For this, DHBVN sends electricity bill on every 12th day of alternative two months.

So, let’s learn more from this article. Here, you will know how to view the latest electricity bill, how to quick pay electricity bill, how to check past electricity bill transaction, how to reduce electricity bill and how to install solar panels on loan / EMI and where to get more information about it? Please continue reading till the end.

View Bill

view bills

Once on the page, simply enter your account number and the captcha code and you will be able to see your bill. You can check details like your name, address, units consumed, rate, total bill amount, etc.

You can view your Electricity Bill here: https://epayment.dhbvn.org.in/b2cviewBillHistory.aspx

Pay Your Bill

pay bills

Once on this page, please enter either your account number or your mobile number. This will show the bill amount and the payment options through which you can pay the bill. Enter the relevant details and the payment will be processed instantly.

You can pay your Electricity Bill easily online by visiting this link: https://epayment.dhbvn.org.in/

View Payment History

payment history

This page will show details of the past payments that you have made. This gives you a trend of payments, i.e. If they have increased, decreased or remained the same. You can also investigate further if you notice a spike in a particular month’s payment.

To view your Payment History, click here: https://epayment.dhbvn.org.in/b2cViewReceiptList.aspx

How to Reduce Electricity Bill in Haryana?

how to reduce electricity bill in haryana

Given the recent surge in fuel prices, the electricity bills have also been soaring. Hence, consumers want to know about ways to reduce electricity bill or get electricity during the power cut. Today consumers do not want to rely just on the grid for their power needs. Hence, they are opting for installing solar system at their establishment to generate their own electricity and reduce their power bills. You can also apply online for net metering connection. A net meter keeps a record of electricity units generated by you and consumed by you and sends this information to the utility company, in this case, DHBVN. They then bill you accordingly, after giving a credit for the electricity that you generated or even sent back to the grid. The applicant needs to deposit the Application Processing Fee of Rs. 1000 for seeking permission for installation of rooftop Solar System in his premises under Net Metering arrangement along with the application form.

Solar Connection

solar connection

As already mentioned, solar power is a tried and tested method to reduce your electricity bill. But for installing a solar system at your shop/ office or residence, you need to apply for a net metering connection. You can apply for the same here: https://esolarconn.dhbvn.org.in/

You can register by inserting simple details about yourself like Full name, user name, email id, password, mobile number, etc. You can also track the status of your application and pay the processing fee online along with the application form.

Rooftop Solar System

A rooftop solar system comprises of solar panels, inverter, panel stands, solar wires, DCDB/ ACDB, earthing kit, lighting arrestor, net meter & solar meter, safety equipment, and other installation accessories. You can learn more about a solar system here: https://www.loomsolar.com/

Solar Loan

Solar is a big decision financially and involves a huge one-time outgo. Though it will reduce your monthly headache/ financial burden. But for once you have to undertake huge cost to install the same. A lot of banks now offer solar loans to consumers. Many companies like Loom Solar also tie up with banks and work to get loans for consumers with option to pay in easy instalments. You can know more here: https://loan.loomsolar.com/

How to get more information?

As already mentioned, installing a solar system is a big task. You might also not know about the technical details like size and area involved, type of solar panels, number, efficiency, etc. Hence it is important to book an engineer visit. He/ she is a professional person with adequate knowledge to guide you on the topic. You can also ask him any question that is bothering you regarding this installation. So why wait, book an engineer visit now: https://www.loomsolar.com/pages/solar-consultant

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